फिफा विश्वचषक गोल यादी

विकिपीडिया, मुक्‍त ज्ञानकोशातून
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सर्वात जास्त गोल[संपादन]


  1. ^ There was a controversy regarding the number of goals scored by the Ademir in 1950 because of incomplete data from the final group round game against Spain, that ended in a 6-1 victory for Brazil. The first goal had been credited to Spanish defender Parra as an own goal, and the fifth Brazilian goal was credited to Jair. However, recently FIFA credited Ademir with both these goals, thus making him the 1950 World Cup top scorer, with nine goals.
  2. ^ FIFA initially credited Leônidas with eight goals in 1938. However, FIFA changed it to seven goals in November 2006, meaning he scored a total of eight goals overall (he scored one goal in 1934). In some sources. Leônidas was credited with nine goals in the 1938 tournament, mis-crediting one Brazilian goal in the first-round match against Poland.
  3. ^ FIFA initially credited Nejedlý with only four goals in 1934. However, FIFA changed it to five goals in November 2006, meaning he scored a total of seven goals overall (he scored two goals in 1938). [१]