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सहाय्य यादी

ही विकिपीडियाची माहिती,निर्देश व प्रशासकीय पानांची असणारी वर्णनात्मक यादी आहे. विकिपीडियावर नविन आहात? आमचे महत्त्वाकांक्षी योगदानकर्त्यांसाठी असलेले प्रास्ताविक बघा. जर आपणास प्रतिसादात्मक सहाय्य हवे असेल तर, सहाय्य मागा. ईतर उपयुक्त याद्या व अनुक्रमणिकांसाठी याद्या बघा.

खाली असलेली "शोधपेटी" वापरुन आपण सहाय्यासंबंधीची पाने न्याहाळू शकता.

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हेसुद्धा पाहा: [[::वर्ग:विकिपीडिया माहिती पाने|:वर्ग:विकिपीडिया माहिती पाने]] आणि [[::वर्ग:विकिपीडिया कसे-करावे|:वर्ग:विकिपीडिया कसे-करावे]]

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विकिपीडिया बद्दल

साचा:विकिपीडिया पुस्तके

योगदानकर्त्याची माहिती

साचा:विकिपीडिया पुस्तके

नेहमी विचारण्यात येणारे प्रश्न/Frequently asked questions

साचा:विकिपीडिया पुस्तके

  • नेवियेप्र (एफएक्यू) main page - वापर व योगदानाबाबतचे प्रश्न.
    • प्रशासन - प्रशासकांबद्दल काही प्रश्नांची उत्तरे मिळतील.
    • लेख विषय -एखाद्या विशिष्ट लेखाबद्दल काय करावे.
    • वर्ग - विकिपीडियाचे वर्ग वापरण्याबाबत.
    • योगदान करणे - योगदानकर्त्याद्वारे साधारणतः विचारण्यात येणाऱ्या प्रश्नांची उत्तरे.
    • प्रताधिकार - प्रताधिकाराबद्दल सामान्यतः विचारण्यात येणारे चार प्रश्न.
    • संपादन - संपादनाबाबत साधारणतः विचारण्यात येणाऱ्या प्रश्नांची उत्तरे.
    • Forking - विकिपीडिया आशय मी कसा अधिभारीत करावा व वापरावा.
    • IRC (live chat) - about "chat rooms" - real-time discussions.
    • Organizations - editing without displaying a conflict of interest.
    • समस्या - आपण संपादन करीत असतांना किंवा न्याहाळतांना उद्ववणाऱ्या समस्या सोडविणे.
    • वाचक - वाचकांना बहुदा पडणाऱ्या प्रश्नांची उत्तरे.
    • शाळा - शिक्षक, ग्रंथालयकार किंवा तेथील प्रशासकांना असू शकणारे प्रश्न
    • तांत्रिक - तांत्रिक कामकाजाशी संबंधित काही प्रश्न.
    • (किरकोळ) - वरील कुठेही नसलेले प्रश्न



विकि मार्क-अप

  • मुख्य प्रास्ताविक - quick overview of what विकिपीडिया is all about.
  • चित्रे - प्रास्ताविक to adding images to विकिपीडिया.
  • Manual of Style - प्रास्ताविक to the style guide for articles.
  • माध्यमे - how to add media to विकिपीडियात माध्यमे कशी जोडावीत.
  • सुचालन करणे - विकिपीडिया ही एक मोठी जागा आहे.
  • नीती - नीती व मार्गदर्शक तत्त्वे कशी लागू करावित.
  • Sourcing - संदर्भ ईतके कां महत्त्वाचे आहेत.
  • सारण्या - सारण्या/तक्ते यांचा वापर कसा व कुठे होतो व ते कसे तयार करावेत.
  • चर्चा पाने - how to communicate within विकिपीडियामध्ये संवाद कसा साधावा.

यथादृश्य संपादक

  • Editing with VisualEditor - a five part प्रास्ताविक to editing with VisualEditor. Opening the editor. Toolbar basics. Links and Wikilinks. Saving your changes. Summary
  • Referencing with VisualEditor - a five part प्रास्ताविक to referencing. Verifiability. Inline citations. RefToolbar. Reliable sources. Summary.
  • Uploading images with VisualEditor - a six part guide on uploading images. प्रास्ताविक. Free content. Non-free content. Wikimedia Commons. Using an image. Summary.

Training modules

Built-in tours

The Missing Manual

साचा:विकिपीडिया पुस्तके

  • The Missing Manual - comprehensive how-to guide (book) that explains everything about contributing for novice to expert editors.
  • प्रास्ताविक - originally written in 2008 by John Broughto, the Manual has since been expanded and updated by many others.

Part I - Editing and Creating Articles

  • First edit - explains what you see when you look at an article in विकिपीडिया's editing window and how to practice.
  • Sourcing - you will need to learn some technical matters.
  • Account setup & personal space - having an account actually protects your privacy better than editing anonymously.
  • Creating articles - get a much better sense of what articles in विकिपीडिया should be like.
  • Page history & reverting - as an editor you're likely to want to see what other editors do to articles you've edited.
  • Monitoring changes - experienced editors monitor articles they've edited.
  • Vandalism & spam - explains in detail what you, a विकिपीडिया editor, can do in terms of spotting and fixing vandalism and spam.

Part II - Collaborating with Other Editors

  • Communicating with others - you will need to know how to use the pages where editors interact and collaborate with each other.
  • WikiProjects - many editors at विकिपीडिया work together in groups, formal or informal.
  • Content disputes - if you find yourself involved in a content dispute...
  • Incivility - shows you helpful ways to respond to incivility and personal attacks directed against you or other editors.
  • Helping others - shows you all the places and ways you can lend other editors a hand.

Part III - Formatting and Illustrating Articles

  • Sections - shows you how to effectively use sections in an article.
  • Lists & tables - shows you how to create and edit both lists and tables.
  • Images - shows you how to place an image in an article, after you or someone else has uploaded it.

Part IV - Building a Stronger Encyclopedia

Part V - Customizing विकिपीडिया

  • Personal preferences - "My Preferences" is where you can change a number of settings that control how pages look and function.
  • JavaScript - you can customize विकिपीडिया in ways that make your editing easier with scripts.

Part VI - Appendices

  • विकिपीडिया Pages - when you're registered, and logged into विकिपीडिया, you'll see links in a number of places.
  • Reader’s guide - background on what विकिपीडिया is and how to get the most out.
  • Learning more - shows you the myriad places you can go, both inside and outside विकिपीडिया.

How to pages

साचा:विकिपीडिया पुस्तके

Coding (Wiki markup)

Interactive assistance (help forums)

विकिपीडियाबद्दलचे प्रश्न

Replying to help requests - contains guidelines for users who respond to questions about how to use or edit posed by other users.
  • Help desk - the "main page" for asking questions about how to use or edit विकिपीडिया.
  • Teahouse - a "very friendly place" for new editors to become accustomed to and ask questions about editing.
  • Editor help - a "far less busy place" where editors will get comprehensive assistance about on going problems related to editing.

General knowledge questions

Replying to general knowledge questions - contains guidelines for users who respond to general knowledge questions posed by other users.

Note: legal or medical responses are prohibited. See विकिपीडिया's Legal disclaimer and Medical disclaimer.

  • Reference desks - you can ask questions about any topic at the specific pages listed below.
    • Computing - to ask about computing, information technology, electronics, software and hardware.
    • Entertainment - to ask about sports, popular culture, movies, music, video games, and TV shows.
    • Humanities - to ask about history, politics, literature, religion, philosophy, law, finance, economics, art, and society.
    • Language - to ask about spelling, grammar, word etymology, language usage, and translations.
    • Mathematics - to ask about mathematics, geometry, probability, and statistics.
    • Science - to ask about biology, chemistry, physics, medicine, geology, engineering and technology.
    • (Miscellaneous) - to ask about anything that is not listed above.

Specific help and mediation

Technical issues

  • Village pump - main directory divided into five boards by topic (as seen below), to discuss the technical issues, policies, and operations of विकिपीडिया.
    • Policy - to discuss changes to existing and proposed policies.
    • Proposals - to discuss new proposals that are not policy-related.
    • Technical - to discuss technical issues. For wiki software bug reports, use Bugzilla
    • Idea lab - to discuss ideas before proposing them to the community and attempt to find solutions to common issues.
    • (Miscellaneous) - to post messages that do not fit into any other categories listed above.

Other ways to get help

  • Special services - a section on the Request departments page that lists the alternative ways of getting help as seen below.
    • Place {{Help me}} (including the curly brackets) "then your question" on your talk page, a volunteer will visit you there!
    • If you require personal administrator assistance in regards to blocking, deleting, protecting, personal harassment or legal threats you can place {{Admin help}} (including the curly brackets) "then your concerns" on your talk page, an administrator will visit you there!
    • Adopt-a-User – is where you can find experienced विकिपीडियाns that "adopt" new users and mentor them.
    • Co-op – a mentorship space where you can work with an experienced विकिपीडियाn to learn about and improve विकिपीडिया.
    • Join the #विकिपीडिया-en-help IRC channel for real-time chat. New to IRC? Click here to be connected instantly!
    • New editors can join the "Newcomer live chat" to connect with editors experienced assisting novice users.
    • Contact विकिपीडिया - is a page that describes how and where to contact विकिपीडिया directly for a variety of reasons.

Community standards and advice

साचा:विकिपीडिया पुस्तके साचा:विकिपीडिया पुस्तके

साचा:विकिपीडिया पुस्तके

  • Manual of Style (MOS) - main guideline page that describes communal consensus on layouts and presentation.
  • Neutrality (NPOV) - policy about how articles should represent the views of main scholars and specialists on topics.
  • No original research (OR) - policy about how all material must be attributable to a reliable, published source.
  • Notability - guideline that outlines how suitable a topic may be for its own article or list.
    • Fringe theories - guideline about how articles should not make a fringe theory appear more notable than it is.
      • Notability essays - list of essays that summarizes the gist of user written essays on notability.
  • User rights - ability to perform certain actions in विकिपीडिया depends on his/her user access level.
  • Verifiability (RS) - policy stating how readers must be able to check that articles are not fabricated or embellished.
  • Understandability - guideline about how all should strive to make each part of every article as understandable as possible to the widest audience of reader.
  • Words to watch - guideline about how certain expressions should be used with care.
  • Vandalism - if you see vandalism in an article, the simplest thing to do is just to remove it.


  • Directory - the main list of "विकिपीडिया" and "Help" namespace directories and indexes
  • Abbreviations - a list of all the abbreviations used on विकिपीडिया
  • Departments - a list of all the different divisions of विकिपीडिया.
  • Editor's index - a list of all the pages to help people who edit pages.
  • Essays - a list of pages that contain advice or opinions from one or more विकिपीडिया contributors.
  • नेवियेप्र (एफएक्यू) - a list of frequently asked questions by topic.
  • Glossary - a list of terms (slang) commonly used by editors.
  • Guidelines - a descriptive list of official guidelines for "English विकिपीडिया"
  • Manual of Style - a descriptive list of the pages which make up the Manual of Style.
  • Policies - a descriptive list of official policies for "English विकिपीडिया"
  • Quick directory - a small list of key pages with emphasis on interaction between members of the community.
  • Shortcuts - a list of abbreviated redirects and the pages they lead to.
  • Tips - a list of "tips" created by users at Tip of the day project.

Help contents by topic

Further reading (external links)

Note - publications below may contain out of dated information or images.
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