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The template opposite presents links to major Wikipedia articles on Mahāyāna Buddhism.


This template can be invoked as follows:

{{महायान बौद्ध धर्म}}

Color scheme[संपादन]

The color scheme of this page is based on the prominence of golden light in Mahāyāna Buddhism as typified by the Golden Light Sutra. The colors of gold were sampled from a painting of Sukhāvatī, and specifically from the Avalokiteśvara figure's radiant aura of golden light.

The color scheme uses four custom hues:
a light gold (साचा:Plaincode)
a vivid gold (साचा:Plaincode)
a deep gold (साचा:Plaincode)
this blue (साचा:Plaincode) for unlinked text


Wikipedia's policy on verifiability states:

"The burden of evidence lies with the editor who adds or restores material. Material that is challenged or likely to be challenged needs a reliable source, which should be cited in the article."

The main article and set of related citations for this template's content is Mahāyāna Buddhism. Questions about the reliability or accuracy of this template's concepts should be addressed on that article's talk page. Questions about this template's organization should be addressed on this template's talk page.

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