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Unused Categories & ई.स.[संपादन]

श्रीमान हर्षल महोदय, संदर्भ Special:Unusedcategories या पृष्ठामुळे असे लक्षात आले कि प्रत्येक ईस्विसन स्वतंत्र category आहे .प्रत्येक ईस्विसन स्वतंत्र पृष्ठ असणे समजण्या सारखे आहे.प्रत्येक ईस्विसन स्वतंत्र category असणे उपयोगी आहे का याचा आपण निश्चित विचार केला असेल. जर हे नजर चुकीने झाले असेल तर आपण सुयोग्य कार्यवाही कराल असा विश्वास आहे .क.लो.अ.

आपला विजय

ई.स. vs. इ.स.[संपादन]


Since either form is ok, let us decide on one of them. Personally, I prefer ई.स. for the reasons you cited. I have moved and added redirects to a bunch of pages from इ.स. to ई.स.

Since I am not an administrator, I can not set policy but request you and other admin's to set one standard. The sooner we do it, the better.

We (marathi wikipedians) probably also need to set a process for resolving such conflicts as they arise. I volunteer to act as point on these issues.



Hi Harshal, Yes we can nominate active user who can really make use of his capacity as administrator.



No, I cannot make Abhay Natu a moderator. I have put down my task as a Steward. - Andre Engels 20:15, 1 जानेवारी 2006 (UTC)

Time to change featured article?[संपादन]


मुखपृष्ठावरचे साप्ताहिक सदर बदलता येईल काय?

शिवाजी महाराजांवरचा लेख?

User talk:अभय नातू

विंदा करंदीकर यांना नुकताच ज्ञानपीठ पुरस्कार मिळाला आहे.त्या संदर्भात मुखपृष्ठ वर उल्लेख झाला तर छान होइल. User talk:विजय



I have put in a formal request at http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Requests_for_permissions#Marathi.28mr.29 for administrator rights on Marathi wikipedia. I think being a sysop will allow me to carry forward all the stuff I'm doing better/easier. It will also give us an active admin in the western hemisphere (I live in the US)

I have posted my request to wikipedians at the talk page for administrators. Please post your opinion on my request and encourage others to vote (yes or no) so the stewards can make a decision.


User talk:अभय नातू

Years, etc[संपादन]

Hi. I was trying to find a forum or an embassy page on mr:, with no luck. Does it exist?

I am fixing the dates module in the pywikipediabot, and dates keep confusing me for mr:. Is there a format for years? I found these three articles: इ.स. १९०५, इ.स. १९४८, इ.स. १९९८. Which one has the proper name?What other date formats should i be aware off? Any special word endings, etc (like 1st, 2nd, 3rd in english?)


Please answer at en:user talk:Yurik. 17:09, 12 जानेवारी 2006 (UTC)

Thanks, answered on en:user talk:Yurik, please respond. -- 02:42, 17 जानेवारी 2006 (UTC)


Thanks. Let's make this into something spectacular.

A reference in Marathi that will live on long after we are gone.

अभय नातू 11:24, 16 जानेवारी 2006 (UTC)

इ.स. pages[संपादन]


All the इ.स. pages I created are redirect pages that redirect to their coreesponding ई.स. pages. This is in order to not break existing links that point to इ.स. and also to guard against someone creating a link to इ.स.

अभय नातू 16:43, 16 जानेवारी 2006 (UTC)

मानार्थी बहुवचन[संपादन]


विकिपिडीयावर मानार्थी बहुवचन कधी वापरावे याबद्दल guidelines आहेत काय?

उदा. पंतप्रधान, साहित्यिक इ. चांगले उमेदवार आहेत. परंतु, एखाद्यासाठी मानार्थी बहुवचन वापरावे कि नाही, हा judgement call होतो. उदा. लालु, हिटलर, ईदी अमीन, ईव्हान द टेरिबल यांच्यासाठी? :)

शिवाय, तुझ्या-माझ्या नजरेत जे सन्माननीय आहेत ते सगळ्यांसाठी असतीलच असे नाही (or vice verse.) उदा. नथुराम गोडसे, जवाहरलाल नेहरू, लॉर्ड लुई माउन्टबॅटन... मग कोण ठरवणार मानार्थी बहुवचन वापरायचे कि नाही ते?

या संभ्रमामुळे मी माझ्या सगळ्या लेखांमध्ये एकवचन वापरत आलेलो आहे (except for blatantly obvious cases, even then from my POV :-])

तुझे मत?

अभय नातू 17:09, 16 जानेवारी 2006 (UTC)

complete words[संपादन]


Looking at en, I figuerd it was convention to break the word as I did ईंग्लंडचा.

I will change my writing to include the entire word in link.

अभय नातू 18:04, 30 जानेवारी 2006 (UTC)

Thank you very much! Not going to be a Dr. as yet :)

कोल्हापुरी 04:04, 31 जानेवारी 2006 (UTC)

February Article[संपादन]


अमेरिकन गृहयुद्ध for March article?

अभय नातू 18:54, 1 फेब्रुवारी 2006 (UTC)

march article[संपादन]


One of the reasons for suggesting civil war was that the article is detailed.

If we can find enough knowledgeable contributors to write up an article, the list you suggested is good.

अभय नातू 04:59, 2 फेब्रुवारी 2006 (UTC)

मार्च सदर[संपादन]


AjinTHaa-veruuL looks fine. I guess no one else is volunteering a vote :)

Perhaps we should set up a voting page for this (starting with April?)

अभय नातू 16:38, 7 फेब्रुवारी 2006 (UTC)


Thank you for the Barnstar!!!

I hope there are many more Barnstar candidates on Marathi wikipedia in the near future.

अभय नातू 16:26, 3 फेब्रुवारी 2006 (UTC)



Let's start with a combined article, especially for मासिक सदर. Once we have enough subject matter, it will be easy to split.

अभय नातू 16:25, 9 फेब्रुवारी 2006 (UTC)



ई.स.पू. indeed will be consistent with our convention.

अभय नातू 05:20, 21 फेब्रुवारी 2006 (UTC)

visiting Pune[संपादन]


I think you live in Pune.

I am planning to visit Pune between March 20-Apr 8th and would like to meet you in person. It'll be nice to put a face to the name :-) I'm hoping to meet कोल्हापुरी during this time as well. Let's see how it pans out.

If you'd like to co-ordinate, pls drop me an email at anatu(at)yahoo.com.

अभय नातू 10:18, 6 मार्च 2006 (UTC)

Contaqct info[संपादन]

My real name is Pratik Dixit.
contact me on ppdixit<at>gmail.
give me your email, too.

कोल्हापुरी 10:10, 8 मार्च 2006 (UTC)