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विकिपीडिया, मुक्‍त ज्ञानकोशातून


Hi harshal, I think it is taking names from all system messages that you changed. But the change does not happen immediately. We should ask somebody about getting the numbers/dates in marathi.


कोल्हापुरी 15:45, 8 मे 2005 (UTC)


Barnstar is good idea for encouraging existing users but we have very few registered users. I think something should be done to publicise wiki outside of wiki on any marathi forum that we find. More number of users will lead to more contributing users.

We can start Village Pump on marathi... though only two of us will be writing to it ;).

The marathi wikipedia logo at the left top of each page is showing विकिपीडिआ as विकिपीडिया and मुक्त as मक्त. We should change it.

-कोल्हापुरी 17:16, 9 मे 2005 (UTC)

Hi, This is Vinay Hinge from MarathiWorld.com. You are most welcome to use the platform of MarathiWorld to invite volunteers for the project.



dinvishesh for indian calendars[संपादन]

Hi Harshal,

I was also thinking about it but we don't have many events for indian tithis.

We can only talk about today's tithi and indian festivals..

do you have any new idea to add in Indian tithi section?


कोल्हापुरी 08:50, 11 मे 2005 (UTC)


HI harashal, In languageMr.php there is some utf-8 clause which may help us get values of numerical variables in marathi. I think some part from the bottom can be copied from hindi file Anyways have a look.


कोल्हापुरी 12:27, 11 मे 2005 (UTC)

I have made कोल्हापुरी a sysop after your request on my meta userpage. If this is not correct (for example because someone else was impersonating you in that request), you can contact me. - Andre Engels 06:40, 13 मे 2005 (UTC)

Hi Harshal, Thanks for the sysophood. Things will become easier now that both of us have administrativie rights. Thanks again.


कोल्हापुरी 08:20, 13 मे 2005 (UTC)

missing images[संपादन]

Hi Harshal,

Suddenly many images have gone missing. There was some problem with wiki in the evening. I think it has happened after that. Do you have any idea?


कोल्हापुरी 16:34, 13 मे 2005 (UTC)

नि:पक्षपाती दृष्टिकोन[संपादन]

नमस्कार हर्षल, I am going through Neutral Point of View discussion on the English wiki. Will soon try to get those templates here. regards,

कोल्हापुरी 17:57, 15 मे 2005 (UTC)

शुद्धलेखन आणि मराठी[संपादन]

नमस्कार, विकिपीडिआतल्या लेखांत शुद्धलेखनाच्या चुका फारच आहेत. त्या सुधारल्या पाहिजेत. मुखपृष्ठाबाबत मी एक टिपण तुम्हाला देईन. विकिपीडिआतल्या लेखांची भाषाही फारच इंग्रजाळलेली वाटते. त्या दृष्टीने काय करता येईल?


Numbers and months[संपादन]

Hello Harshal. The numbers and month names are a developer task. You need to update LanguageMR.php on meta and request a developer to incorporate the changes. You could also try asking about it in #mediawiki channel on irc.freenode.net . --Hemanshu 06:43, 20 मे 2005 (UTC)

I also tried it on 800x600 and the dinvishesh, saptahik sadar are cramped... moving dinvishesh up may not help much we need some redesign.. may be like english wikipedia.

- कोल्हापुरी 11:32, 21 मे 2005 (UTC)

पंतप्रधानांची नावे[संपादन]


मी [ http://pmindia.nic.in/former.htm ] या संकेतस्थळावरून नावे लिहिली होती. मलाही तिथल्या नावांबद्दल थोडी शंका होती. आणि कुठल्यातरी संकेतस्थळाचा आधार घेउन व्यवस्थित नावे शोधायला हवीत.

-कोल्हापुरी 16:09, 26 मे 2005 (UTC)


नमस्कार हर्षल,

सहस्र पृष्ठे पूर्ण झाल्याबद्दल तुलाही अभिनंदन  !! आता सदस्य संख्या वाढवण्यासाठी काहीतरी उपक्रम चालू करायला हवा. मनोगत वर बरेच लोक कार्यरत अाहेत त्यांना इकडे वळवण्याची काही युक्ती शोधुन काढणे गरजेचे आहे.  ;)



Colour coding[संपादन]


Yes, colour coding will be good idea. All the things upto now are more or less ok.

if we make some templates with different types of rows and use it everywhere, we can enforce consistency and colour coding etc.


New Design[संपादन]


The new design looks ok. 

I think the short index of different topics ahould be on Main page as it gives the idea about different topics that wikipedia has. If possible we should reduce the welcome message and add a very short list of topics like Science Bhugol Nature Culture etc.




हर्षल, माझी विक्शनरी प्रकल्पात भर घालण्याची इच्छा आहे. त्यासाठी टेम्प्लेट बनवता येईल काय? मी इंग्रजी विक्शनरीच्या पानावर [१] जाऊन पाहिलं.. त्यांची टेम्प्लेट चांगली वाटली. तसं काही आपल्याकडे करता येईल का?

संकल्प द्रविड


Hi Harshal,

do you have any websites where I can see dinvishesh? The one I was using is not updating properly + the archives from the last year are also disabled :(

कोल्हापुरी 03:56, 9 जून 2005 (UTC)

I was using Pudhari archive all this time. now it is not accessible. so I can only update after they release new dinvishesh

कोल्हापुरी 06:38, 9 जून 2005 (UTC)

New schemes[संपादन]

Hi Harshal,

On kannada wikipedia there is a topic of the week where everybody tries to contribute on that particular topic for that week. thus increasing the depth wikipedia. that will be a good idea here for our saptahik sadar. all people (that is 2 of us :() can write about a subject for a week and then we can make it as saptahik sadar.
I think this is same idea that you suggested to be done on daily basis.
I tried to translate php file on Meta but I am not convinced about my translations. so the work needs to be reviewed.
One more thing. Is there any english-marathi dictionary online? I currently use an english-hindi dictionary and an english-kannada(kannadakasturi.com which gives lot of sanskrit words )

कोल्हापुरी 16:59, 11 जून 2005 (UTC)

re:निवेदन On front page[संपादन]

Hi Harshal,

OK. lets start "contributor of the week section". and go ahead with निवेदन On front page.
Let's design some more schemes to attract people.


कोल्हापुरी 04:54, 12 जून 2005 (UTC)

topic of the week[संपादन]

Hi Harshal,

We can choose something that is not covered here so far. "Sports" is one choice. You know better about what we have and what we don;t have. so it is better that you suggest some topic


कोल्हापुरी 15:57, 14 जून 2005 (UTC)