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अभय, I am also doing the same from eSakal.com site contents. Will check if the page is already available.

Can the home page be edited to reflect your current edits?

Thanks हेमंत साठे


I have created a wiki page that reprints what was printed in Maharashtra Times. I also have explicitly stated the source of the piece along with its link. I know that it would have been sufficient to put the link, but I realized that after I created the page. I was wondering it its ok to reprint from MaTa?

Reference: बालमोहनची गौरवास्पद परंपरा

Moreover, I would like to put an image on one of the pages in form of external link. Is that possible - what are the copyright implications?

Thanks and Best Regards,




सूचनेबद्दल धन्यवाद.

- सुबोध

The article about modi script has been copied word to word from my website.Of course there's no problem at all but I think I should have been notified about it.In wiki,i thought that users/editors carry out research and write it in their words,but this is not in case of above mentioned article. A request-plz include the term-"if anyone wants to learn the script plz visit the site-<link>" I thank editor for including the link but using above terms will make users more aware of the purpose and contents of the website. Regards, Raajiv modi.script@gmail.com


Hello Abhay,

Could you see the presentation?
Please update me with your comments.
With regards,

Harshalhayat 16:58, 17 एप्रिल 2006 (UTC)

I was not sure about the flow and contents.
So I was eager to know about the same.
Since it is only 50% work, I think more care should I be taking to put the possible roadmap.
With regards,
Harshalhayat 17:17, 17 एप्रिल 2006 (UTC)

Article request[संपादन]

Greetings अभय नातू /Abhay Natu my friend!

Could you please kindly help me create a stub for this article - based on the English article or the Hindi article. 2-5 lines would be sufficient enough and your help would be very gratefully appreciated. Thankyou.

In return, I am able to help you translate your favourite article (en:Pune) into the Cantonese or Minnan language.

Regards -- Joseph, 02:46 गुरूवार 4 मे 2006 (UTC)

मराठी लेख[संपादन]

लेखांच्या संख्यच्या मागे न धावता मराठी विषयांशी संबंधित (असे विषय की ज्याची माहिती मराठीतून घेणे वाचकांना अधिक आवडेल, इंग्रजीत अशी माहिती लिहील्यास मराठी वाचकच मुख्यत्वे करून वाचतील अशी माहिती) लेख आग्रक्रमाने समर्‍उद्ध करावेत याबद्दल आपल्याला काय वाटते? अनेक भारतीय भाषात बरेच लेख केवळ नावापुरते आहेत. लेखांच्या संख्येचे विकीपीडिया मध्ये काही विशेष फायदे आहेत का? - अशिन्तोष


हरकत नाही!

कोल्हापुरी 07:30, 10 मे 2006 (UTC)

Me too.
Harshalhayat 19:05, 10 मे 2006 (UTC)


Hello. I'm wikipedia redactor from Poland. I'm trying to get article about one of the major cities in Poland: en:Katowice in all possible languages. There is almost 60 langauage version. Could You help me translate into MR wiki version. There is a source in English and French and some more languages. Just a few sentences. Please help.

Best Regards StimorollTalk

P.S. If You do that, please put interwiki link into english version.

Thank You for article about Katowice.
There is arcile about pl:Pune in Polish wikipedia. . Best Regards Stiomoroll

Piped links not working[संपादन]

Hi Abhay,

Whenever I try piped links in Marathi, the text which should have been hidden also appears in the link text. For e.g. महाराष्ट्रात. This link appears properly on your talk page. But on जीवन विद्या मिशन page it is not showing up properly (it shows महाराष्ट्र।महाराष्ट्रात). Or am I doing something wrong?

Amit (अमित) 08:10, 26 मे 2006 (UTC)

Thanks Abhay,
That explains it! I have another query regarding search. If I put "जीवन" word in search text box then I expect "जीवन विद्या मिशन" page to be listed in the pagelist. However, I am not finding it in the result page list. What may be the reason?
Amit (अमित) 07:08, 1 जून 2006 (UTC)

मयूर कोल्हटकर[संपादन]

You wrote - I want to write about some topic, but not able to select the topic. can anybody please help me out as I am eager to expand the marathi wikipedia.

thank you

Mayur Kolhatkar.


First of all, thanks for your enthusiasm and interest. One suggestion is to write about Kailas-mansarovar (कैलास पर्वत, मानसरोवर). We were thinking of making it the next featured article to be published on the main page of marathi wikipedia.

Here's a link to a related article on the English wikipedia. कैलास मानसरोवर Write to your heart's content, and feel free to ask questions on the चावडी.


अभय नातू 15:06, 8 जून 2006 (UTC)

p.s. You can register as a user. That will give you a page of your own, including a 'talk' page where you can other users can communicate with you.

Tempelates for cities[संपादन]

dear abhay ,
do we have any templates for cities where the basic information for that city can be tabulated. City tempelates are available in english wikipedia.

with best regards
Don Maihudon


Hi thank you for the encouragement. According to wikipedia we can not write the copyrighted work. so where can I get more knowledge about this please tell me. and also can I simply translate about kailas parvat from english to marathi from wikipedia. thaknk you mayur

Chief Ministers[संपादन]

Dear Abhay, I realised it later, i have corrected it .....

Maihudon 05:02, 20 जून 2006 (UTC)