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  • कार्य: Archiving of talkpage, Maintainace, statistics (future)
  • इतर प्रकल्पात बॉटफ्लॅग आहे (होय/नाही) : yes


Symbol strong support vote.svg पाठिंबा- I had requested Steinsplitter regarding the request for using his bot on Marathi Wikipedia on his talkpage on commons. Steinsplitter has responded in an affirmative and would like to enhance the quality of editing on this Marathi language Wikipedia. - Tiven2240

Symbol strong support vote.svg पाठिंबा- We would be happy to have him on mrwiki. - sureshkhole


Steinsplitter operates this bot on seven versions of Wikipedia. As current Steinsplitter is a admin on Commons, Meta, Mediawiki, outreach, test as well as global renamer, OTRS member, Abuse filter helpers and Global IP block exemptions globally. He is highly trusted member and can prove asset to Marathi Wikipedia if given a chance. Hope Gnome-edit-redo.svgअभय नातू: look into this request asap and grant him Bot flag on MrWp --टायवीन२२४०माझ्याशी बोला २१:३८, ५ एप्रिल २०१८ (IST)


  • कार्य: लेखांना साचे लावणे, आवश्यक ते संदर्भात बदल करणे, शुद्धलेखन इ.