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Translators' Credits and Full Acknowledgement[संपादन]

I hereby give full credit and acknowledgement to the following Marathi translators:

  1. सदस्य:Sankalpdravid
  2. सदस्य:Atendulk‎
  3. सदस्य:Aniruddha Paranjpye
  4. सदस्य:Maihu Don
  5. सदस्य:Kaustubh
  6. सदस्य:Heramb

All of whom have kindly helped me translate the article from the English version into the great and honourable Marathi language in accordance with the GNU Free Documentation License. I would also like to thank सदस्य:Abhay Natu for his help in reverting vandalism.

May the Lord remember their valiant, noble efforts and may Marathi Wikipedia be blessed! --Jose77 २१:५७, १४ जानेवारी २००८ (UTC)


Thanks for supporting Marathi Wikipedia. Wish you all the best!! हेरंब एम. १०:०४, १६ जानेवारी २००८ (UTC)

Thank you Jose, we will be surely helping you for other translations as well. कौस्तुभ समुद्र (चर्चा) १२:२५, १९ जानेवारी २००८ (UTC)