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This template provides a header for redirect categories.

{{Redirect category|from=|to=|template=|parameters=|same line=}}
  • Use |from= and (or) |to= to describe the purpose of the redirects in the category.
  • The |template= parameter names the {{Redirect category shell}} template in redirect categories.
  • Use |parameters= to list the associated redirect template (rcat) used with the Redirect category shell template, along with its parameters.
Do not use the pipe symbol ( | ) to separate rcat parameters; use the {{!}} template instead.


{{Redirect category|from=चुकीचे स्पेलिंग किंवा टंकनदोष|to=बरोबर स्पेलिंग|template=Redirect category shell|parameters=<nowiki>{{</nowiki>[[Template:R from misspelling|R from misspelling]]<nowiki>}}</nowiki>}}



One shortcut can be installed within the lower maintenance banner, for example:

{{Redirect category|text=ते लक्ष्य लेख ज्यात ते नमूद केलेले नाहीत|template=Redirect category shell|parameters=<nowiki>{{</nowiki>[[Template:R to article without mention|R to article without mention]]<nowiki>}}</nowiki>|shortcut=CAT:RAW}}

which produces:


हा साचा यात वर्ग जोडतो. Category:सर्व पुनर्निर्देशन वर्ग, Category:लपविलेले वर्गCategory:पुनर्निर्देशन मागोवा वर्ग.

If the template is transcluded on a page outside of the category namespace, then that page will not be added to these categories and will be added to वर्ग:Pages with templates in the wrong namespace instead.

भाषा वर्ग[संपादन]

This template is also used within two templates that are found on language category pages. When a language category is created, one of the following two templates (depending on whether the category is for "from" or "to" language redirects) should be used to provide useful information about the new category:

These two templates will also automatically categorize the page into the correct parent category. See the edit page for वर्ग:Redirects from Catalan-language terms for an example of template usage.

हेही बघा[संपादन]

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