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This template is meant to be placed at the top of pages for categories whose contents are related to दालने (i.e. in Wikipedia's दालन नामविश्व). Their पालक वर्ग is वर्ग:दालने. See also विकिपीडिया:स्वयं-संदर्भ टाळा.

प्राचले (ऐच्छिक)[संपादन]

|description=a description Adds a description of the category and/or its associated portal to the first message box.
|nolinkinfo Suppresses the appearance of the second message box (describing how {{portal}} may be used to present a link to a portal).
|topic=topic Sets the topic used to demonstrate the portal link in the second message box (if the link there is incorrect or an alternative required).

हेही बघा[संपादन]

इतर वर्ग-शीर्ष साचे[संपादन]