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Changes made to this navbar must also be made to the functional index, and vice versa.


This template navbox furnishes editors with a practical tool to quickly find the redirect category templates (rcats) that are used most often. This index template organises the templates by function. The procedure to use for placing these rcats on redirects will be found on each rcat's individual documentation page and at WP:REDCAT.

For an expanded index with examples and complete alphanumerical listing of redirect category templates, see Wikipedia:Template messages/Redirect pages. The links in the navbox go to sections on that page.

As usual, please refrain from using aliases (redirects) in this navbar. In any navbar, redirects are not your friends. If the non-redirect subject page is linked, then it will appear not as a link, but as a bold, easy to find entry when the navbar is placed on that entry's page. Redirects in navbars will not appear in bold text on the entries' pages.


Either {{R template index}} or its shortcut, {{Rcats}}, may be used. Add this navbox to the bottom of a template documentation page (above the categories) in the following manner:

{{R template index}}

See also[संपादन]

  • हा साचा कोसळलेल्या स्थितीत (collapsed) दाखवण्यासाठी हे वापरा: {{पुनर्निर्देशन साच्यांची अनुक्रमणिका|state=collapsed}}
  • हा साचा पूर्ण उघडलेल्या स्थितीत (expanded) दाखवण्यासाठी हे वापरा: {{पुनर्निर्देशन साच्यांची अनुक्रमणिका|state=expanded}}
  • जर साचा लावलेल्या पानावर ह्यासारखा दुसरा साचा असेल तर हा साचा कोसळलेल्या स्थितीत दाखवण्यासाठी हे वापरा: {{पुनर्निर्देशन साच्यांची अनुक्रमणिका|state=autocollapse}}

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