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Subject line for email forwarding : A small step from you will make the difference


Head of Computer (EDP) Department

Name and Adress of School/College/Institution

Kind Attn :Mr/s (Computer Dept.)

Sub:Updated List of Various Marathi/Devanagari Fonts

Dear Sir Madam,

Today on internet many people are reading and writing in their own mother tongue.Your good selves being at the helm of computer department at your esteemed institution, your small step will facilitate others around you to use Marathi Language also on the internet.

Here you can find an article मराठी संकेतस्थळे about Marathi language websites available on the internet.

To read Marathi Unicode text on internet please just see on top of your computer screen's window you find a blue bar mentioning Microsoft Internet Explorer ,Below that is the second line Where in first menu is file, second is edit and third is view.Please select view menue their you find -Encoding- there you please select Unicode(UTF-8)

and you will see Marathi text in proper marathi .a little more info we are giving in english which you may feel free to forward to your friends in the intrest of Marathi Language.

Besides O.S. Window XP it self now supports devanagari fonts and the related help is provided at Setup For Devanagari.

Still find defficult then revert back at Help-forum for new users.Or for sms support on your cellphone join Google sms channel marathiwikipedians.
Do request your institution to have a website in Marathi Language, if still you do not have one.
Thanking you, With warm regards,Helpdesk Marathi Wikipedia ~~~~