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आहसंवि: {{{IATA}}}आप्रविको: {{{ICAO}}}
समुद्रसपाटीपासून उंची {{{elevation-f}}} फू / {{{elevation-m}}} मी
दिशा लांबी पृष्ठभाग
फू मी
{{{r1-number}}} {{{r1-length-f}}} {{{r1-length-m}}} {{{r1-surface}}}
{{{r2-number}}} {{{r2-length-f}}} {{{r2-length-m}}} {{{r2-surface}}}
संख्या लांबी पृष्ठभाग
फू मी
{{{h1-number}}} {{{h1-length-f}}} {{{h1-length-m}}} {{{h1-surface}}}
{{{h2-number}}} {{{h2-length-f}}} {{{h2-length-m}}} {{{h2-surface}}}
सांख्यिकी ({{{stat-year}}})
{{{stat1-header}}} {{{stat1-data}}}
{{{stat2-header}}} {{{stat2-data}}}
Documentation icon साचा दस्तावेजीकरण[बघा] [संपादन] [इतिहास] [पर्ज करा]


The following blank template includes all of the available parameter names, except for repeating names used for runways and statistics. All parameters except name are optional, however "IATA: none – ICAO: none" along with the heading "Summary" will always appear. Any unused parameters should be omitted, but can also be left blank if preferred. The use of flag icons with this infobox are discouraged.

{{Infobox airport
| name         =
| nativename   =
| nativename-a =
| nativename-r =
| image        =
| image-width  = <!-- if less than 200 -->
| caption      =
| image2       =
| image2-width = <!-- if less than 200 -->
| caption2     =
| IATA         =
| ICAO         =
| FAA          =
| TC           =
| LID          =
| GPS          =
| WMO          =
| type         =
| owner-oper   =
| owner        =
| operator     =
| city-served  =
| location     =
| hub          =
| built        = <!-- military airports -->
| used         = <!-- military airports -->
| commander    = <!-- military airports -->
| occupants    = <!-- military airports -->
| metric-elev  =
| elevation-f  =
| elevation-m  =
| coordinates  =
| website      =
| metric-rwy   =
| r1-number    =
| r1-length-f  =
| r1-length-m  =
| r1-surface   = <!-- up to r8 -->
| h1-number    =
| h1-length-f  =
| h1-length-m  =
| h1-surface   = <!-- up to h12 -->
| stat-year    =
| stat1-header =
| stat1-data   = <!-- up to stat4 -->
| footnotes    =


All parameters except name are optional.

Airport name[संपादन]

These parameters specify the airport name which is displayed at the top of the infobox.

The name of the airport in English, such as Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport or Beijing Capital International Airport.
Airport name in a native language using Western characters (French, German, Spanish, etc.), such as Port Lotniczy im. Fryderyka Chopina. Can also be used for two different names in the same language (see Toronto Pearson International Airport).
Airport name in a native language with non-Western characters (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, etc.), such as 北京首都国际机场.
Use in conjunction with above for Romanized name of the airport, such as Běijīng Shǒudū Guójì Jīcháng.

Airport image[संपादन]

These parameters specify an airport photograph or logo which is displayed below the title. A second image can also be displayed below the first image by using the parameter names ending with a "2".

The name of image file, i.e. airport.png or logo.gif, etc.
The image width in pixels, i.e. 175 (defaults to 200 if not specified). This parameter should only be used for small images that appear distorted when expanded to a width of 200 pixels.
Text displayed beneath the image. This should only be used for photographs that require an explanation; it should be omitted for aerial photographs or airport logos.

Airport codes[संपादन]

These parameters specify airport location identifiers which are displayed below the image (or below title if there is no image):

The airport's three character IATA location identifier. If omitted or left blank it will display as IATA: none.
The airport's four character ICAO location identifier. If omitted or left blank it will display as ICAO: none.
The three or four character FAA location identifier for airports in the United States. If omitted or left blank, nothing is displayed.
The three or four character Transport Canada location identifier for airports in Canada. If omitted or left blank, nothing is displayed.
A location identifier for airports outside the US or Canada, if different than ICAO or IATA codes. If omitted or left blank, nothing is displayed.
A Global Positioning System code for the airport, if different than ICAO or IATA codes. If omitted or left blank, nothing is displayed.
The World Meteorological Organization five digit code for the weather station at the airport. If omitted or left blank, nothing is displayed.

Airport summary[संपादन]

These parameters specify airport details for the "Summary" section displayed below the airport codes.

Airport type should be one of the following: Public, Private, Military or Military/Public. Do not use Commercial, General or Civil.
Name of the airport owner.
Name of the airport operator, if different than the owner.
If the airport is owned and operated by the same entity, use this in place of owner and operator.
If the airport is associated with a major city but actually located in a smaller town, list the major city here and the smaller town under location. This is not automatically linked, in order to allow multiple links if needed.
Example: city-served = [[Paris]]
Result: Paris
Name of the town or city where the airport is located. This is not automatically linked, in order to allow multiple links if needed.
Example: location = [[Orly]], [[France]]
Result: Orly, France
If the airport serves as an hub list the airlines here. This is not automatically linked, in order to allow multiple links if needed.
Example: <div> *[[British Airways]] *[[BMI (airline)|BMI]] *[[Virgin Atlantic Airways]] </div>
Height above mean sea level, in feet.
Height above mean sea level, in metres.
Latitude and Longitude of airport, specified using the {{Coord}} template. When entering the coordinates always ensure that the resultant map or image shows the airport. It is very easy to confuse "N" for "S" or "E" for "W". If used as shown below, this will also cause the airport to appear in Google Earth's Geographic Web Layer.
Example: coordinates = {{Coord|49|27|16|N|002|06|46|E|type:airport_region:FR|display=inline,title}}
Result: 49°27′16″N 002°06′46″E / 49.45444°N 2.11278°E / 49.45444; 2.11278
External link to the airport's official website. See Wikipedia: External links#How to link for more information.
Example: website = [http://www.dfwairport.com/ www.dfwairport.com]
Result: www.dfwairport.com

Military airports[संपादन]

These optional parameters provide additional information for military airports. The parameter names are based on those used in Template:Infobox Military Structure. This allows the display of information from that template, without the need to include an additional infobox. For an example, see Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.

The date when the structure was built, usually given in years.
The period during which the structure was in active military use, usually given in years.
The current commanding officer, for structures currently in military use.
Any notable military units which occupy the structure.

Infobox control[संपादन]

These parameters control how certain fields within the infobox are displayed.

Set to any value to display elevation in metric units (metres) before imperial/US units (feet); leave blank to display imperial/US units first. This can be seen in example 1.
Set to any value to display runway length in metric units (metres) before imperial/US units (feet); leave blank to display imperial/US units first. Examples 1 and 2 below show the runway length with metres first; example 3 and 4 show it with feet before metres.


These parameters specify details for each runway in the "Runways" section displayed below the summary. This can also be used to specify water landing areas for seaplanes (see Fairbanks International Airport). Parameters start with r1- for the first runway, r2- for the second runway, up to r8- for the eighth runway (if more are needed, leave a message on the talk page). Each airport should have at least one runway.

rn-number (r1-number, r2-number, ...)
The designation of the runway, normally two numbers like this → 02/20, 1st number is 18 lower than the 2nd. Where there are parallel runways an additional letter is added to each number, for example "L" for left, "R" for right and "C" for center. In certain cases a runway will only have one number when it can only be used in one direction. For airports in the United States the leading zero is not used and the designation should read 2/20.
rn-length-f (r1-length-f, r2-length-f, ...)
Runway length in feet.
rn-length-m (r1-length-m, r2-length-m, ...)
Runway length in metres.
rn-surface (r1-surface, r2-surface, ...)
Runway surface type, such as: Concrete, Asphalt, Gravel, Grass (or Turf), Dirt, Water, etc. Avoid the generic type "Paved" if possible.


These parameters specify details for each helipad in the "Helipads" section displayed below the runways. Parameters start with h1- for the first helipad, h2- for the second helipad, up to h12- for the twelfth helipad (if more are needed, leave a message on the talk page). This section is optional and only appears if the h1- parameters are specified. See example 1 and example 3 below.

hn-number(h1-number, h2-number, ...)
The designation of the helipad. In the United States this is usually the letter "H" followed by a number, i.e. "H1", "H2", etc.
hn-length-f (h1-length-f, h2-length-f, ...)
Helipad length in feet.
hn-length-m (h1-length-m, h2-length-m, ...)
Helipad length in metres.
hn-surface (h1-surface, h2-surface, ...)
Helipad surface type, such as: Concrete, Asphalt, etc. Avoid the generic type "Paved" if possible.


These parameters specify details for an optional "Statistics" section displayed below the runways and helipads. Parameters start with stat1- for the first statistic, stat2- for the second statistic, etc. This section only appears if the stat1- parameters are specified. See example 1 and example 3 below.

The calendar year for the statistics. This is displayed in parentheses after the word "Statistics" in the section header.
statn-header (stat1-header, stat2-header, ...)
A brief description of each statistic, such as Passengers or Aircraft operations.
statn-data (stat1-data, stat2-data, ...)
The data associated with the corresponding header.


This parameter contains text for footnotes displayed at the bottom of the infobox.

The most common use for this field is to give sources or references for the data displayed in the infobox. See the examples below.


The HTML mark up produced by this template includes an hCard microformat, which makes the place-name and location parsable by computers, either acting automatically to catalogue article across Wikipedia, or via a browser tool operated by a person, to (for example) add the subject to an address book. Within the hCard is a Geo microformat, which additionally makes the coordinates (latitude & longitude) parsable, so that they can be, say, looked up on a map, or downloaded to a GPS unit. For more information about the use of microformats on Wikipedia, please see the microformat project.

If the place or venue has an "established", "founded", "opened" or similar date, use {{Start date}} (unless the date is before 1583 CE); if it has a URL, use {{Url}}.

hCard uses HTML classes including:

  • adr
  • agent
  • category
  • county-name
  • extended-address
  • fn
  • label
  • locality
  • nickname
  • note
  • org
  • region
  • street-address
  • url
  • vcard

Geo is produced by calling {{coord}}, and uses HTML classes:

  • geo
  • latitude
  • longitude

Please do not rename or remove these classes; nor collapse nested elements which use them.

When giving coordinates, please don't be overly precise.


Example 1[संपादन]

Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport
Port Lotniczy im. Fryderyka Chopina
Warszawa/Okęcie Airport
आहसंवि: WAWआप्रविको: EPWA
विमानतळ प्रकार Military/Public
प्रचालक Polish Airports State Enterprise (PPL)
कोण्या शहरास सेवा Warsaw
स्थळ Okęcie district of Warsaw
हब LOT Polish Airlines, Wizz Air
समुद्रसपाटीपासून उंची 110 मी / 362 फू
गुणक (भौगोलिक) 52°09′57″N 020°58′02″E / 52.16583°N 20.96722°E / 52.16583; 20.96722 (Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport)
संकेतस्थळ www.lotnisko-chopina.pl
दिशा लांबी पृष्ठभाग
फू मी
11/29 9,186 2,800 Asphalt
15/33 12,106 3,689 Asphalt
संख्या लांबी पृष्ठभाग
फू मी
H1 131 40 Concrete
सांख्यिकी (2008)
Passengers 11,736,958
Movements 159,718
Statistics: Civil Aviation Office[१]
Sources: Polish AIP at EUROCONTROL[२]

Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport

This example shows the appearance of the infobox without an image.

Note: helipad information added to illustrate function of metric-rwy parameter.

{{Infobox airport
| name         = Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport
| nativename   = ''Port Lotniczy im. Fryderyka Chopina''
| nativename-r = Warszawa/Okęcie Airport
| IATA         = WAW
| ICAO         = EPWA
| type         = Military/Public
| operator     = Polish Airports State Enterprise (PPL)
| city-served  = [[Warsaw]]
| location     = [[Okęcie]] district of [[Warsaw]]
| hub          = [[LOT Polish Airlines]], [[Wizz Air]]
| metric-elev  = yes
| elevation-m  = 110
| elevation-f  = 362
| coordinates  = {{Coord|52|09|57|N|020|58|02|E|type:airport_region:PL-MZ|display=inline,title|name=Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport}}
| website      = [http://www.lotnisko-chopina.pl/?lang=en www.lotnisko-chopina.pl]
| metric-rwy   = yes
| r1-number    = 11/29
| r1-length-m  = 2,800
| r1-length-f  = 9,186
| r1-surface   = [[Asphalt]]
| r2-number    = 15/33
| r2-length-f  = 12,106
| r2-length-m  = 3,689
| r2-surface   = Asphalt
| h1-number    = H1
| h1-length-m  = 40
| h1-length-f  = 131
| h1-surface   = [[Concrete]]
| stat-year = 2008
| stat1-header = Passengers
| stat1-data = 11,736,958
| stat2-header = Movements
| stat2-data = 159,718
| stat
| footnotes    = Statistics: Civil Aviation Office<ref name="stats">[http://www.ulc.gov.pl/_download/regulacja_rynku/statystyki/liczba_obsl_pasazerow_przesylek_20042007_150208.pdf Data from The Civil Aviation Office of Poland (Urząd Lotnictwa Cywilnego)]. {{pl icon}}</ref><br>Sources: Polish [[Aeronautical Information Publication|AIP]] at [[European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation|EUROCONTROL]]<ref>[http://www.ead.eurocontrol.int/publicuser/protect/pu/main.jsp EAD Basic]</ref>

Example 2[संपादन]

Beijing Capital International Airport
Běijīng Shǒudū Guójì Jīcháng
Beijing Capital Departure Hall.jpg
Beijing Capital Departure Hall
आहसंवि: PEKआप्रविको: ZBAA
विमानतळ प्रकार Public
प्रचालक Civil Aviation Administration of China
कोण्या शहरास सेवा Beijing
स्थळ Chaoyang District, Beijing
हब Air China, China Southern Airlines
समुद्रसपाटीपासून उंची 116 फू / 35 मी
गुणक (भौगोलिक) 40°04′48″N 116°35′04″E / 40.08000°N 116.58444°E / 40.08000; 116.58444 (Beijing Capital International Airport)
संकेतस्थळ www.bcia.com.cn
दिशा लांबी पृष्ठभाग
मी फू
18L/36R 3,800 12,467 Asphalt
18R/36L 3,200 10,499 Asphalt

Beijing Capital International Airport

This example shows the appearance of the infobox with an image and a caption.

It also uses both the nativename-a and nativename-r parameters.

{{Infobox airport
| name         = Beijing Capital International Airport
| nativename-a = 北京首都国际机场
| nativename-r = Běijīng Shǒudū Guójì Jīcháng
| image        = Beijing Capital Departure Hall.jpg
| caption      = Beijing Capital Departure Hall
| IATA         = PEK
| ICAO         = ZBAA
| type         = Public
| operator     = [[Civil Aviation Administration of China]]
| city-served  = [[Beijing]]
| location     = [[Chaoyang District, Beijing]]
| hub          = [[Air China]], [[China Southern Airlines]]
| elevation-f  = 116
| elevation-m  = 35
| coordinates  = {{Coord|40|04|48|N|116|35|04|E|type:airport_region:CN|display=inline,title|name=Beijing Capital International Airport}}
| website      = [http://www.bcia.com.cn/ www.bcia.com.cn]
| metric-rwy   = yes
| r1-number    = 18L/36R
| r1-length-m  = 3,800
| r1-length-f  = 12,467
| r1-surface   = [[Asphalt]]
| r2-number    = 18R/36L
| r2-length-m  = 3,200
| r2-length-f  = 10,499
| r2-surface   = Asphalt

Example 3[संपादन]

Coordinates32°53′49″N 097°02′17″W / 32.89694°N 97.03806°W / 32.89694; -97.03806    
Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport
Dfw airport.jpg
आहसंवि: DFWआप्रविको: KDFWएफएए स्थळसंकेत: DFW
विमानतळ प्रकार Public
मालक City of Dallas

City of Fort Worth

प्रचालक DFW Airport Board
कोण्या शहरास सेवा Dallas/Fort Worth
हब American Airlines, American Eagle Airlines
समुद्रसपाटीपासून उंची 607 फू / 185 मी
गुणक (भौगोलिक) 32°53′49″N 097°02′17″W / 32.89694°N 97.03806°W / 32.89694; -97.03806 (Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport)
संकेतस्थळ www.dfwairport.com
दिशा लांबी पृष्ठभाग
फू मी
13L/31R 9,000 2,743 Concrete
13R/31L 9,301 2,835 Concrete
17C/35C 13,401 4,085 Concrete
17L/35R 8,500 2,591 Concrete
17R/35L 13,401 4,085 Concrete
18L/36R 13,400 4,084 Concrete
18R/36L 13,400 4,084 Concrete
संख्या लांबी पृष्ठभाग
फू मी
H1 158 48 Concrete
सांख्यिकी (2005)
Passengers 59,176,265
Aircraft operations 711,878
Metric tonnes of cargo 741,432
Sources: FAA[३], airport website[४].

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

This example uses the {{coord}} template with display=inline,title which displays the coordinates on right side of article's title area directly above infobox AND again inside the infobox. This also causes the title coordinates to appear in a very small font size (due to the combination of the infobox using <small> and title area using font-size:85%). Both issues are resolved in the next example.

{{Infobox airport
| name         = Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport
| image        = Dfw_airport.jpg
| IATA         = DFW
| ICAO         = KDFW
| FAA          = DFW
| type         = Public
| owner        = City of [[Dallas, Texas|Dallas]]
City of [[Fort Worth, Texas|Fort Worth]]
| operator     = DFW Airport Board
| city-served  = [[Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex|Dallas/Fort Worth]]
| hub          = [[American Airlines]], [[American Eagle Airlines]]
| elevation-f  = 607
| elevation-m  = 185
| coordinates  = {{Coord|32|53|49|N|097|02|17|W|type:airport_region:US|display=inline,title|name=Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport}}
| website      = [http://www.dfwairport.com/ www.dfwairport.com]
| metric-elev  =
| metric-rwy   =
| r1-number    = 13L/31R
| r1-length-f  = 9,000
| r1-length-m  = 2,743
| r1-surface   = [[Concrete]]
| r2-number    = 13R/31L
| r2-length-f  = 9,301
| r2-length-m  = 2,835
| r2-surface   = Concrete
| r3-number    = 17C/35C
| r3-length-f  = 13,401
| r3-length-m  = 4,085
| r3-surface   = Concrete
| r4-number    = 17L/35R
| r4-length-f  = 8,500
| r4-length-m  = 2,591
| r4-surface   = Concrete
| r5-number    = 17R/35L
| r5-length-f  = 13,401
| r5-length-m  = 4,085
| r5-surface   = Concrete
| r6-number    = 18L/36R
| r6-length-f  = 13,400
| r6-length-m  = 4,084
| r6-surface   = Concrete
| r7-number    = 18R/36L
| r7-length-f  = 13,400
| r7-length-m  = 4,084
| r7-surface   = Concrete
| h1-number    = H1
| h1-length-f  = 158
| h1-length-m  = 48
| h1-surface   = Concrete
| stat-year    = 2005
| stat1-header = Passengers
| stat1-data   = 59,176,265
| stat2-header = Aircraft operations
| stat2-data   = 711,878
| stat3-header = Metric [[tonne]]s of cargo
| stat3-data   = 741,432
| footnotes    = Sources: FAA<ref>{{FAA-airport|ID=DFW|use=PU|own=PU|site=23710.6*A}}</ref>, airport website<ref>[http://www.dfwairport.com/ Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport], official web site</ref>.

Example 4[संपादन]

Coordinates39°49′34″N 084°02′54″W / 39.82611°N 84.04833°W / 39.82611; -84.04833    
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

Air Force Materiel Command.png
Air Force Materiel Command

National Museum of the United States Air Force.jpg
National Museum of the United States Air Force
आहसंवि: FFOआप्रविको: KFFOएफएए स्थळसंकेत: FFO
विमानतळ प्रकार Military: Air Force Base
प्रचालक United States Air Force
स्थळ Dayton, Ohio
वापरात कधीपासुन 1948 - present
समुद्रसपाटीपासून उंची 823 फू / 251 मी
संकेतस्थळ www.wpafb.af.mil
दिशा लांबी पृष्ठभाग
फू मी
5L/23R 12,601 3,841 PEM
5R/23L 7,000 2,134 Asphalt
Sources: FAA[५], official website[६].

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

This example places the {{coord}} template outside the infobox and uses display=title to display the coordinates in the article's title area. This prevents the coordinates from being displayed a second time inside the infobox. It also eliminates the very small font size shown in the previous example.

The infobox shows the use of an image and linked text over the blue background in title area. It also makes use of some of the fields used for military airports.

{{Infobox airport
| name         = Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
[[Image:Air Force Materiel Command.png|100px]]<br/>{{smaller|[[Air Force Materiel Command]]}}
| image        = National Museum of the United States Air Force.jpg
| image-width  = 250
| caption      = [[National Museum of the United States Air Force]]
| IATA         = FFO
| ICAO         = KFFO
| FAA          = FFO
| type         = Military: [[Air Force Base]]
| operator     = [[United States Air Force]]
| location     = [[Dayton, Ohio]]
| built        = <!--1948-->
| used         = 1948 - present
| commander    = <div>
* [[General (United States)|Gen.]] Bruce Carlson - [[Air Force Materiel Command]]
* [[General (United States)|Brig. Gen.]] Bruce E. Davis - [[445th Airlift Wing]]
* [[Colonel (United States)|Col.]] Colleen M. Ryan - [[88th Air Base Wing]] and Installation Commander
| occupants    =
| elevation-f  = 823
| elevation-m  = 251
| website      = [http://www.wpafb.af.mil/ www.wpafb.af.mil]
| r1-number    = 5L/23R
| r1-length-f  = 12,601
| r1-length-m  = 3,841
| r1-surface   = [[Porous European Mix|PEM]]
| r2-number    = 5R/23L
| r2-length-f  = 7,000
| r2-length-m  = 2,134
| r2-surface   = [[Asphalt]]
| footnotes    = Sources: FAA<ref>{{FAA-airport|ID=FFO|use=PR|own=MA|site=17827.*A}}</ref>, official website<ref>[http://www.wpafb.af.mil/ Wright-Patterson Air Force Base] (official site)</ref>.

References for examples[संपादन]