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Pune Football Club is an Indian professional football club based in Pune, Maharashtra and participates in the I-League, India's top-tier football league. The club is one of the most professional clubs in Indian football history, known mainly for their focus on fanfare, professional playing set-up, and focus on youth development.[१] The club is currently owned by the Ashok Piramal Group.[२]

Founded in 2007, the club managed to gain promotion to the I-League in 2009.[३] In their first season in the I-League, the club managed to finish in a very surprising third place[४] before having their best ever season during the 2012–13 season in which they finished in second place.[४]

Pune currently has a rivalry with fellow Maharashtra club Mumbai, with whom it contests the Maha derby.[५]



In 2007, Indian football was in the process of a renovation, mainly with the start of the I-League replacing the old National Football League.[६] However, despite this, the All India Football Federation still had trouble attracting investors to create new clubs, specially outside of West Bengal, Goa, and North East India due to the fact that, despite a good amount of fans in these areas and good wages to players, the clubs in these regions still had trouble creating any profit.[७]


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