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विकिपीडिया चर्चा:वृत्तपत्रीय मासिक आवाहन

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विकिपीडिया, मुक्‍त ज्ञानकोशातून

मला मदत हवी आहे!

मदतकर्त्यांना सुचना: आपण मदत केल्यावर हा संदेश काढून टाकावा

Following is the correspondance to Lokasatta by email and their reply.The basic concept is we will send monthly 'article contribution appeal' to their readers for article of the month for marathi wikipedia and Marathi wictionary.Correspondance is self explanatory. Please help in formatting "नमुना आवाहन" in Marathi and a copy in english language of the same.

May be some thing like in following way?

  • Article nominated for peer review on Marathi Wikipedia is गोदावरी नदी .
  • Article nominated for collaboration of the month is दीपावली
  • Atricle nomiated for English to Marathi translation isभाषांतर

In which format do we write to Lokasatta


To, Editor Lokasatta Dear Sirs/Madam,

Subject: In which format do we write to Lokasatta

Marathi wikipedia is an online non-profit activity for benefit of Marathi Language.We need your support in getting exposure to this activity through your news paper.

We want to get published our monthly 'Avaahana' in Daily Lokasatta, since we are a virtual internet community ,we prefer to send in our communications by email.We are well versed in sending communication in Unicode Marathi.Please communicate us your format of choice so it becomes easy for us to communicate

Respected Sir,

Sorry for the late reply. You send your "Avaahana" in the format with which you are well versed. It will be on a trial basis. If we successed in it we will cantinue this system. Also send it in English. regards loksattaडॉटcom [pratikriyaऍटexpressindiaडॉटcom]

Loksatta or Lokprabha



I believe the article (written by Wikikar) is better suited for magazines such as Lokprabha (seeing its existing contents).
We need contributions to restructure it to publish in newspapers.
Do suggest.

Harshalhayat 10:05, 23 डिसेंबर 2006 (UTC)

मराठी संकेतस्थळांच्या वाचकांना मासिक आवाहन.


मराठी विकिपीडिया हे इंटरनेट वरील मराठी भाषी ज्ञानकोशाच्या विकासास वाहिलेले मुक्त, अव्यापारी आणि सामायिक संकेतस्थळ आहे.जानेवारी २००७ महिन्यात निम्नलिखीत विषयांत http://mr.wikipedia.org/ येथे इंटरनेट उपयोग कर्त्या समस्त मराठीजनांना लेखन सहयोगाचे नम्र निवेदन आहे.

जानेवारी २००७ लेखन सहयोग विषय

  • ""(एकाक्षरी लेख )

English Translation


Please help me in writing english transation of above at earliest.Mahitgar 03:11, 28 डिसेंबर 2006 (UTC)

  1. Monthly 'Avahan'(english?) to the readers of Marathi Webpages on Internet.

'Marathi Wikipedia' is a non-commercial webpage dedicated in development of online 'Marathi Language' open encyclopedia for common usage.All Marathi internet users are requested to join online collaborative writing in following subjects selected for January 2007 at http://mr.wikipedia.org

  • Right to Information Act" (Writing a new article)
  • Sachin Tendulkar (Article needs peer review)
  • Second World War (Marathi Shuddha Lekhan and Corrections)
  • IPA Writing system (A translation from English to Marathi)
  • "Aa" (One letter grammar Article)
  • Changiz Khan ( Article of Decmber 2006)

Re:English Translation


An appeal to internet users who speak and read/write Marathi online.

'Marathi Wikipedia' is a free, non-commercial website dedicated to development of an online free encyclopedia for public use. As an internet user well-versed in Marathi language, you are requested to join this collaborative writing effort. We would like your help particularly in the following topics for January 2007 at http://mr.wikipedia.org

  • Right to Information Act" (Write a new article)
  • Sachin Tendulkar (Article needs peer review)
  • Second World War (Marathi Spell-checking and add ancillary information)
  • International Phonetic Alphabet Writing system (A transliteration scheme from English to Marathi)
  • "Aa" (Mono-syllabic grammar Article)
  • Changiz Khan ( Featured Article on Marathi Wikipedia for the month of Decmber 2006)

अभय नातू 04:21, 28 डिसेंबर 2006 (UTC)