विकिपीडिया:अ-मुक्त सामग्री निकष

विकिपीडिया, मुक्‍त ज्ञानकोशातून

मराठी विकिपीडियावर प्रताधिकारित किंवा अ-मुक्त सामग्री असावी का नाही यासाठीचे धोरण निश्चित करणे गरजेचे आहे. यासाठी अनुभवी सदस्यांची, विशेषतः प्रचालकांची, मते अपेक्षित आहेत. याबद्दल अधिक माहिती येथे आणि येथे पहा.

प्रस्तुत विषयावर मराठी विकिपीडियावर प्रताधिकारित किंवा अ-मुक्त सामग्री नसावी. असा प्रस्ताव मी ठेवीत आहे. यावर समर्थन किंवा विरुद्ध मते कृपया नोंदवावीत. २१ दिवसांच्या मुदतीनंतर (१० मे, २०२३) हे धोरण निश्चित केले जाईल.

cc:@संतोष गोरे, Tiven2240, Sandesh9822, आणि Usernamekiran:


@अभय नातू: The main thing on Marathi Wikipedia is that the images uploaded locally are mostly due to some upload campaign held of some workshops in the past years. The users that have uploaded the images are no longer active or around. The images were well far before tagged by me for deletion and i feel if the consent of them is not provided to release their own works in Creative Commons Licence then we must delete them.

Secondly we need images that are non free for display on our Wikipedia. They may be Marathi film posters and book covers etc. Are we planning to allow them or no? Many indian communities like Hindi have adapted Fair use policy and I feel we must also adapt it but restrict it for initial months to upload only by admins and if things go well then we must go for other users. But that needs to have the same rationale and templates necessary as well as tools to compress the image in the specific resolutions as per law.

We also need to check whether this is legally possible to use Fair use policy on Marathi Wikipedia. There are some templates on Marathi which point out to the Indian Copyrights Act but mostly are unclear of Fair use concept.

We must come to a conclusion that we to take legal opinion or as a precautionary measures delete all the images and stop non free media on this Wiki.

--Tiven2240 (चर्चा) १०:४३, १९ एप्रिल २०२३ (IST)[reply]

It is correct that Hindi and other communities have allowed fair use. Allowing fair use is easy but checking all new files that are uploaded is a big task. It seems to be hard to find users that are willing to take the task to monitor and check uploads. The result is that files are uploaded and stay even if they should be deleted. I know because I spend years cleaning up on Hindi wikipedia and other wikis.

So I think mr.wiki should not allow fair use unless someone volunteer to monitor new uploads and make sure the files meet the requirements.

To make it easier you could chose only to allow logos, film posters and book covers etc. where it is easy to check if fair use would apply.

If you chose to allow fair use then make sure you have the relevant license templates and the relevant templates for "no license", "disputed fair use", "reduce size", "delete old versions" and whatever you may need. It is much easier if templates are set up and they can be added with Twinkle or similar. --MGA73 (चर्चा) २३:४०, १ मे २०२३ (IST)[reply]

Some of the indian communities wikis have no formal fair use policy so they host non-free files in conflict with the wmf:Resolution:Licensing_policy wmf:Resolution:Licensing_policy.

Unless they develop and adopt an EDP the files should be deleted. I have raised the problem on some of the wikis. For example Punjabi Wikipedia but so far there is no response. If someone here are also active on Punjabi Wiki or can speak the language you are very welcome to go to pa:ਵਿਕੀਪੀਡੀਆ:ਸੱਥ#Cleaning_up_files and comment.

Unless the wikis can help cleanup and fix perhaps it may relevant to ask if stewards on meta can help delete the files. So the wikis may have non-free files now but that may change.

Does anyone know it the list on सदस्य:MGA73/Status#India_related_wikis is complete? --MGA73 (चर्चा) १८:४०, ५ मे २०२३ (IST)[reply]