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ह्या लेखाचा/विभागाचा इंग्रजी किंवा अमराठी भाषेतून मराठी भाषेत भाषांतर करावयाचे बाकी आहे. अनुवाद करण्यास आपलाही सहयोग हवा आहे. ऑनलाईन शब्दकोश आणि इतर सहाय्या करिता भाषांतर प्रकल्पास भेट द्या.

The math template formats HTML, or wikimarkup generated mathematical formulas. The template uses the texhtml class by default for inline text style formulas, which aims to match the size of the serif font with the surrounding sans-serif font (see below). The template also prevents line-wrapping.


Use this template for inline, non-complex formulas as an alternative to using the <math>...</math> tag pair (see: Help:Math).


{{math|''f''(''x'') {{=}} ''b''<sup>''x''</sup> {{=}} ''y''}}
produces: f(x) = bx = y
{{math|sin &pi; {{=}} 0}}
produces: sin π = 0.
{{math|{{intmath|int|0|+&infin;}} ''e''<sup>−''x''</sup> d''x'' {{=}} 1}}
produces: साचा:Intmath ex dx = 1
'''{{math|{{sfrac|1|2}} − {{sfrac|1|3}} {{=}} {{sfrac|1|6}}}}'''
produces: Page साचा:Sfrac/styles.css has no content.1/2Page साचा:Sfrac/styles.css has no content.1/3 = Page साचा:Sfrac/styles.css has no content.1/6. Note the triple-apostrophes have set the whole formula as bold.
{{math|({{sqrt|2}})<sup>2</sup> {{=}} 2}}
produces: (2)2 = 2.

Use of equals-sign and absolute value bars[संपादन]

The equals sign, =, and bar, |, are used as syntax by the wiki template system. Therefore, if a single equals-sign ("=") is used, it will fail to render, instead showing "{{{1}}}". For example, the following template-coding would be invalid:

{{math|1 + 2 = 3}}
produces: {{{1}}}, which is invalid code

To resolve this, either: (a) Start the formula with "1=" as in:

{{math|1=1 + 2 = 3}}
produces: 1 + 2 = 3, or else, (b) include the equals-sign in double-braces "{{=}}" as in:
{{math|1 + 2 {{=}} 3}}
produces: 1 + 2 = 3.

A similar difficulty concerns the vertical bars ("|") used to indicate absolute value, which without care would get interpreted as part of the template syntax. The solution is different than for the equals sign: such bars should be entered as "{{!}}":

{{math|{{!}}''f''(''x'') − ''a''{{!}} < ε}}
produces: |f(x) − a| < ε.

This example can also be produced by the following:

{{math|{{mabs|''f''(''x'') − ''a''}} < ε}}
produces: साचा:Mabs < ε


The following parameters are optional:

  • big=1 – This will render the formula in a bigger fontsize, increased to 165%.
  • size=font-size – Use this to specify your own fontsize.
{{math|big=1|1 + 2 {{=}} 3}}
produces: 1 + 2 = 3


यथादृश्यसंपादक व इतर साधनांसाठी वापरण्यात येणारे हे टेम्प्लेटडाटा दस्तावेजीकरण आहे.

गणित साठी टेम्प्लेटडाटा

This template formats markup generated mathematical formulas with HTML and CSS. The template tries to match the size of the serif font with the surrounding sans-serif font. The template also prevents line-wrapping. Use this template for non-complex formulas as an alternative to using the <math> format.

साच्याचे प्राचल (पॅरामिटर्स)


wrap an inline formula in wikitext.

bigger font sizebig

if set to ‘1’, this will render the formula in a bigger font size, increased to 165%

custom font sizesize

use this to specify your own font size



The font and fontsize used for texhtml, as defined in MediaWiki:Common.css, was determined by comparing common default fonts found on Windows, OS X and Linux and is scaled to 118% to match their x-height. However, not everyone uses the default fonts. If you find that the rendered math is not of the same size as the surrounding text, you can adjust this in your personal CSS. For instance, the DejaVu Sans and DejaVu Serif fonts do not need scaling, in which case span.texhtml { font-size: 100%; } will restore proper display.

The texhtml classname is a remnant from the TeX renderer, which had a user preference to render TeX-written formulae in "HTML when simple". That option has been removed some time ago, but the classname continues to be used for formulae written in HTML.

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