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Pune Cantonment, also known as Pune Camp, is a military cantonment located in Pune, Maharashtra in India. It was established in 1918 for accommodating troops of the British Indian Army. The cantonment houses many military establishments. It is also known for its many shopping locations like MG Road and East Street. The headquarters of Indian Army's Southern Command is located in Pune Cantonment. The National War Memorial Southern Command which commemorates the sacrifice of soldiers of the Indian Armed Forces is also situated in the cantonment.


The British Indian Army already had a small encampment west of the Mula River in Khadki. As more troops were required to be accommodated, a larger area was occupied to the west of the Mutha River, leading to the establishment of the Pune Cantonment in 1817[१] for accommodating troops of the British Indian Army. The villages of Mali, Munjeri, Wanowrie and Ghorpuri (Ghorpadi) were selected for this purpose.[२] Initially, a garrison for 4,620 troops was planned for the cantonment. This included two European regiments, a mountain battery, a native cavalry and three native regiments.[१] A central belt of १३० एकर (०.५३ चौ. किमी) was designated for training and drills. The firing ranges were located at Golibar Maidan.[१] Soon a large number of civilians began settling in the area. This was encouraged since civilians provided services to troops garrisoned in the cantonment.

The statue of Sam Maneckshaw lies on Sir Maneckji Mehta Road near the headquarters of the Southern Command and is golden in colour
A statue of Sam Manekshaw in Pune Cantonment


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