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Botton icon.svg Introduction

Hello! I'm known as मालोजीराव (Malojirao )and welcome to my user page. I'm an active editor and contributor, trying to improve the wikipedia/wikimedia/wikiprojects the best I can. My goal is to help improve articles by adding information from reliable sources, checking to see factual inaccuracies, removing nonsense, and in general try to make an article a good source of information for everyone. If you want to know more about, check out my userboxes and see what I work on below.

Botton icon.svg Administrative work

My main administrative work focuses on anti-abuse. I primarily deal with vandalism, sockpuppetry, and long-term abuse. If you need assistance in any of these areas, please feel free to leave a message.

Botton icon.svg Contact information

I'm not perfect, no one (nothing) is, so if you think I made a mistake or have any problems regarding any of my actions, please discuss the matter in a civil manner and do not direct personal attacks toward me. Methods of contacting me:

Button Icon BlueSky.svg My talk page. Click the Click here to leave me message link above.
Button Icon BlueSky.svg Through IRC. I may be reached at साचा:Freenode, साचा:Freenode or साचा:Freenode (for admins) with the same name मालोजीराव.
Button Icon BlueSky.svg You can Email me for private discussions. But you must notify me on my talk page if you want to receive a promptly response.
Botton icon.svg Types of articles I work on

Articles related to these regions of Asia and the Americas. Specifically these:

Button Icon BlueSky.svg History
Button Icon BlueSky.svg Millitary
Button Icon BlueSky.svg Maratha Wars
Button Icon BlueSky.svg Political/Geographic Regions
Button Icon BlueSky.svg Historical Figures
Button Icon BlueSky.svg Historical Places/Maharashtra
Button Icon BlueSky.svg Wars
Button Icon BlueSky.svg Maratha's
Button Icon BlueSky.svg Vandalized articles (undoing them)
Button Icon BlueSky.svg Removing unsourced information (information that's obviously not true)
Botton icon.svg Articles I have created
Button Icon BlueSky.svgछत्रपती ताराराणी भोसले
Button Icon BlueSky.svgछत्रपती शाहूराजे भोसले
Botton icon.svg Articles I have Expanded
Button Icon BlueSky.svgछत्रपती संभाजीराजे भोसले
Button Icon BlueSky.svgछत्रपती शिवाजीराजे भोसले

Botton icon.svg Awards and Barnstars

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