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सहाय्य:Setup For Devanagari

विकिपीडिया, मुक्‍त ज्ञानकोशातून
(Marathi या पानावरून पुनर्निर्देशित)

* सूचना: हे पान अर्धसुरक्षित आहे. फक्त प्रवेश केलेले सदस्य याच्यात बदल करू शकतात.

Do not translate this page name and content to Marathi Language. This page is a special purpose exception for visitors and readers who do not know how to read marathi language or script. Please look for Marathi copy else where or request a translation at विकिपीडिया:भाषांतर प्रकल्प (If you know Marathi and just want to use Marathi Wikipedia typing please do visit विकिपीडिया:Input System) Marathi Wikipedia uses Unicode to display Marathi text. However, before Marathi can be viewed or edited, support for Complex Text Layout must be enabled on your operating system. You can find help to read and write in Marathi text on this page. If you need advanced help or ask questions please visit our Helpdesk

ह्या व्हिडिओत दाखवल्या प्रमाणे मराठी आणि नंतर अक्षरांतरण पर्याय निवडा अथवा इनस्क्रिप्ट साठी 'मराठी लिपी' पर्याय, Click on the 'cc to change the subtitle languages to Marathi, English, Sanskrit, Kokani,Ahirani.

Check for existing support

The following table compares how a correctly enabled computer would render the following scripts with how your computer renders them:

Script Correct rendering Your computer
Marathi क + ि →कि

Refer chart below for Marathi Typing and keyboard.

Keyboard character Marathi character Keyboard character Marathi character
* ~ ् (halant)
^ ँ (chandrakor) $
: `
& % ॐ (Om)
k kh
c ch
d D
dh Dh
n N
t T
l L
s S
G or j~q ज्ञ S~r श्र
q S~v श्व
k~t क्त d~dh द्ध
S~l श्ल d~d द्द

If the rendering on your computer matches the rendering in the images for the scripts, then you have already enabled complex text support! You should be able to view text correctly in that script. However this does not mean you will be able to edit text in that script. To edit such text you need to have the appropriate text entry software on your operating system.

Windows OS

Viewing Marathi text

Enable complex text support:

  • Go to Start > Control Panel.
  • If you are in "Category View" select the icon that says "Date, Time, Language and Regional Options" and then select "Regional and Language Options".
  • If you are in Classic View select the icon that says "Regional and Language Options".
  • Select the "Languages" tab and make sure you select the option saying "Install files for complex script and right-to-left languages (including Thai)". A confirmation message should now appear – press "OK" on this confirmation message.
  • Allow the OS to install necessary files from the Windows XP CD and then reboot if prompted.

Inputting Marathi text

मराठी की-बोर्ड 4.0 by Nitin Sawant

You can use Marathi keyboard v4.0 to type in Marathi Devnagari in windows OS
Video: How to use Marathi keyboard v4.0

  • In Marathi keyboard v4.0 each key on keyboard is mapped with devanagari unicode font character.
  • Type in marathi in any windows application easily using virtual keyboard software
  • To switch between Marathi & Hindi language typing mode press "Ctrl+M"

मराठी की-बोर्ड Key Mappings:

अ : A आ : a इ : i ई: I उ: u ऊ: U
ए: e ऐ: E ओ: o औ: O अं: N अ: : :
क : k ख : K ग : g घ : G
च : c छ : C ज : j झ : jH ञ : Y
ट : T ठ : TH ड : D ढ : DH ण : nH
त : t थ : tH द : d ध : dH न : n
प : p फ : pH ब : b भ : bH म : m
य : y र : r ल : l व : v
श : sH ष : S स : s
ह : h ळ : L क्ष : x ज्ञ : Z
श्र: W ॐ : Q कृ: @ 1 मात्रा: e 2 मात्रे: E
काना: a 1 वेलांटी: i 2 वेलांटी: I 1 उकार: u 2 उकार: U

For जोडाक्षरे press "SHIFT + A" to join the words
so if you want to write "क्रुपा" you need to type "kArupa"

Inscript Key board by Sushant Devalekar

Introduction to Inscript Key board by Sushant Devalekar
  • Videoclip help shown at right side is limited, only for Inscript option keyboard lay out.

If you can access YouTube then watch this easy Marathi commentary for detail info

You must follow the steps above before you perform the remaining steps.

  • In the "Regional and Language Options", click the "Languages" tab.
  • Click on the "Details" tab.
  • Click the "Add" button to add a keyboard for your particular language.
  • In the drop-down box, select your required Indian language.
  • Make sure the check box labelled "Keyboard layout/IME" is selected and ensure you select an appropriate keyboard.
  • Now select "OK" to save changes.

You can use the combination ALT + SHIFT to switch between different keyboard layouts (e.g. from a UK Keyboard to Marathi and vice-versa). If you want a language bar, you can select it by pressing the "Language Bar..." button on the "Text Services and Input Languages" dialog and then selecting "Show the language bar on my desktop". The language bar enables you to visually select the keyboard layout you are using.

  • Indic IME 1 (v5.0) is availible from Microsoft Bhasha India. Indic IME 1 gives the user a choice between a number of keyboards including Phonetic and Inscript.


Detailed information at सहाय्य:Setup For Devanagari/Linux

Viewing Marathi text

You do not need to do anything to enable viewing of Marathi text in GNOME 2.8 or later. Older versions may have support for some, but not all Indic scripts. Ensure you have appropriate Unicode fonts for each script you wish to view or edit.

When using Mozilla or Mozilla Firefox, you must enable Pango rendering by opening xterm and typing MOZ_ENABLE_PANGO=1 mozilla or MOZ_ENABLE_PANGO=1 firefox. After this, all future sessions of Mozilla or Firefox will have Indic language support. This will work only on Firefox compiled with ctl support. Only the firefox binaries supplied by Fedora Core 4 and 5, Ubuntu Linux, and Kate OS are compiled with this ctl and set this option, by default.

For Ubuntu 6.06, this support has been turned off due to speed issues. To enable support, you must type MOZ_DISABLE_PANGO=0 firefox. Future sessions do not remember this setting, so it must be repeated.

Inputting Marathi text

  • Go to Applications > Preferences > Keyboard.
  • Select the "Layouts" tab.
  • Select the keyboard for the language or script you wish to use from the "Available Layouts" frame and then press "Add".
  • Press "Close" to discard the dialogue box.
  • Right click on the main menu on your desktop and select "Add to Panel...".
  • Select "Keyboard Indicator" and click "Add".
  • Position the keyboard indicator on your menu bar and click it to switch between keyboard layouts.

Another option is to use SCIM, to enable that,

  • Install Hindi font support, groupinstall hindi-support
  • Then enable SCIM, and use Hindi phonetic support

For more check http://www.ruturaj.net/fedora-6-hindi-support-scim

Debian Based GNU/Linux Distributions

Detailed information at सहाय्य:Setup For Devanagari/Linux

Viewing Marathi text

Simply enter as root:

apt-get install ttf-indic-fonts

and when the installation is complete restart the X server [१]

Mac OS X 10.4

Viewing Marathi text

You do not need to do anything to enable viewing of Marathi text. en:Safari, however, seems to render text better and more reliably than en:Firefox. Opera also provides some support, although it isn't perfect.

Inputting Marathi text

Specific keyboard layouts can be enabled in System Preferences, in the International pane. Switching among enabled keyboard layouts is done through the input menu in the upper right corner of the screen. The input menu appears as an icon indicating the current input method or keyboard layout — often a flag identified with the country, language, or script. Specific instructions are available from the "Help" menu (search for "Writing text in other languages"). SIL distributes a freeware Ukelele that allows anyone to design their own input keyboard for Mac OS X.

Marathi input in Windows

If your computer doesn't have support for Marathi Language input. Kindly use the official bhashaindia Microsoft I​ndic Language Input Tool (ILIT) on your system. We recommend you to use the latest Microsoft Edge browser for editing Marathi Wikipedia. Also you can enable the Marathi language phonetic key board by pressing Windows key + Space together.

Marathi input in Google Chrome

Input Marathi text on Marathi Wikipedia via the Google input tools available online and as a part of extension.

Online: You can use it online by visiting this link change the language of input to Marathi and you can write your text and copy paste to Marathi Wikipedia.
Extension: Kindly use this link to install Indic tools on your Chrome Browser as an extension. This is the most easiest way to input Marathi language text on Marathi Wikipedia. You can directly click edit button on Wikipedia and input text in Marathi language. Learn more about the extension on its download page.

Marathi input in Android devices

Various keyboards offer support to Marathi language input in Android. It is recommended to use the Google Indic Keyboard to input text in Marathi Wikipedia. This tool is available on Google Play Store for free and can also be downloaded via this direct link. The recent version of Android native keyboard also called as Gboard supports Marathi input. Also there are many applications available on Google Play Store that can input in Devnagari script. A link to some of them can be found here

Non GMS devices

Devices that don't use Google Mobile Services (GMS) can aslo input Marathi language. A userguide for huawei smartphones can be found at this link

Inputting Marathi text

We recommend you use Baraha IME phonetic input software


You must follow the steps above before you perform the remaining steps.

  • Select "Input Locale" [Tab].
  • Click the "Add" button in the "Installed input locales" frame.
  • Select the desired language in the "Input Locale" drop-down box on the "Add Input Locale" dialogue box.
  • Now select the appropriate keyboard you wish to use.
  • Sarasvati IME, Nitin’s Marathi Keyboard can also be used to input Marathi script
  • For people who cannot download the above software, or for people on the move, dboard is a Indian language sandbox which provides an online virtual (visual) keyboard, you can use the following application, copy the text on the clipboard and then copy it back to the Wikipedia editing box.

One more software is good for inputting Devnagari text when you can not install the IME


There are some more links for the Indic software are given here http://indology.info/links/soft/

Unicode fonts

Detailed information about Marathi fonts in Marathi Language at संगणक टंक

If you have followed the instructions for your computer system as mentioned above and you still cannot view Marathi text properly, you may need to install a Unicode font: Marathi Devnagari fonts available at-