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विकिपीडिया:मेलिंग लिस्ट

विकिपीडिया, मुक्‍त ज्ञानकोशातून
ह्या लेखाचा/विभागाचा इंग्रजी किंवा अमराठी भाषेतून मराठी भाषेत भाषांतर करावयाचे बाकी आहे. अनुवाद करण्यास आपलाही सहयोग हवा आहे. ऑनलाईन शब्दकोश आणि इतर सहाय्या करिता भाषांतर प्रकल्पास भेट द्या.

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मराठी विकिपीडियातील सदस्य[संपादन]

मराठी विकिपीडियातील सदस्य मुख्यत्वे याहू ग्रूप आर्कूट गूगल एस एम एस चॅनल इत्यादी वापरतात त्या शिवाय मिसळपाव मनोगत इत्यादी मराठी संकेत्स्थळावरूनसुद्धा मराठी विकिपीडियावबद्दलच्या चर्चा होत असतात.

विकिमीडिया भारतीय चॅप्टरची इमेल लिस्ट मात्र मिडियाविकिवर असल्यामुळे त्याबद्दल अधीक माहिती सहज उपलब्ध व्हावी म्हणून खालील लेख मेटा वरून उधृत केला आहे त्याचे भाषांतर करून हवे आहे.

The विकिमीडिया फाउंडेशन has a number of which are open to anyone who subscribes. Please see the list descriptions for posting information. Most lists are moderated, so that posts by nonmembers need to be manually approved. Some lists disallow any posts by nonmembers.

An overview of all existing mailing lists is at Mailing lists/overview; an automatically generated list of public mailing lists, arranged alphabetically, is here.

Please respect and on the mailing lists, especially in the subject header as this is likely to be repeated by those replying. To request a new mailing list, see the instructions below.

Mailing lists are available in a number of formats: via a web archive, by email, or by using the mail-to-news gateway . Offsite archives of Wikipedia's mailing lists can be found at Gmane and MARC.

Mailing list posts in the web-based archives are indexed by search engines such as - to search the archives, you can restrict your search by server name (add site:lists.wikimedia.org, e.g. [१]) or by the directory containing a particular list's archive (site:lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/<list name>, e.g. site:lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/mediawiki-l ...) [all lists were moved to a lists.wikimedia.org domain in January 2007; however, depending on each search engine, searching the prior domain (either "mail.wikipedia.org" or "mail.wikimedia.org") may work better]

Some of the mailing lists are occasionally summarized at the List Summary Service page.


विकिमीडिया फाउंडेशन mailing list[संपादन]

The Wikimedia Foundation, which operates Wikipedia and its sister projects, has its own mailing list, foundation-l. If you care about fundraising, starting new projects or debating global policy issues, this is the list for you. Posting in languages other than English is welcome, although English is a language most of the audience can understand. Multilingual posts (where the poster repeats the same text in another language) are also welcome. Messages may be posted only by subscribers.

Local chapters[संपादन]


  • Global Wikipedia mailing list

While the general project-wide list is Wikipedia-L, it receives little to no traffic. Use wikien-l instead as a resource for Wikipedia authors, for English discussion that covers most Wikipedia's projects. If you don't want to use Wikipedia or the IRC channels for questions, or if you'd like to talk to other Wikipedians outside the wiki format, then you can sign up for Wikipedia-L. It is a list for all Wikipedia languages, but not for other Wikimedia projects like Wiktionary. Posting in languages other than English is welcome, although English is a language most of the audience can understand. As with foundation-l, multilingual posts are welcome.

There are also language-specific mailing lists for Wikipedia and the other projects. Please see the overview for a list.

इतर प्रक्ल्प[संपादन]

तांत्रीक विषय mailing lists[संपादन]

  • Wikitech: For discussion of technical issues with Wikimedia servers, features and development of the MediaWiki software, etc.
  • Mediawiki: For other installations and users of the MediaWiki software in non-Wikimedia-related projects, including some feature and development discussion.
  • Wikibugs: automated notifications of bug reports
  • MediaWiki-cvs: automated notifications of CVS check-ins
  • Toolserver: For announcements and discussion regarding the Toolserver, including downtime
  • XMLDataDumps-Admin: Operations List about Dumps. Failures / Upgrades / Changes
  • XMLDataDumps: Discussion List for Wikimedia's XML Database Dumps

For additional lists, see mail.wikipedia.org Mailing Lists.

Mailing list प्रबंधन[संपादन]

Note: This list is most likely severely outdated.

The following users are currently responsible for mailing list administration. If you would like to become a mailing list admin and you feel the list you want to admin does not currently have enough admins, please contact a server admin on IRC in #wikimedia-tech.


List Admins
Wikien-l , , ,
Wikieo-l ,
Wikifr-l ,
Wikiit-l ,
Wikija-l , ,
Wikisv-l ?
Wikisi-l ?
Wikita-l ,
Wikizh-l ,

फाऊंडेशन आणि चॅप्टर्स[संपादन]

List Admins
Foundation-l Mbimmler, Austin
VereinDE-l , ,
Wikimediach-l , ,
Wikimediafr-l ,
Wikimediasr-l , ,


List Admins
MediaWiki-l ,
Wikitech-l , ,


List Admins
Wikide-l ,
Textbook-l ,
Wiktionary-l , Wytukaze
Wiktionaryde-l ,
wikiversity-l Cormaggio, sebmol
wikiversityde-l Kurt Jansson
wikispecies-l OhanaUnited
wikiquote-l Aphaia, Cbrown1023
wikinews-de-l Elian, Mathias Schindler
wikinews-l Chiacomo
pressemeldungen Elian, Mathias Schindler
Daily-article-l Rjd0060, MBisanz, Mr.Z-man
Egyptiopedia-l Aoineko
quarto-l Sj
translators-l Sj, SabineCretella, Aphaia
Incubator SPQRobin, SterkeBak

Wikipedia also has a real-time chat channel. Visit IRC channels for more info.

Splitting up the Daily Digests[संपादन]

For Linux-Users there is a comfortable solution for splitting up the daily digest.

Put the following 3 lines into your and activate procmail support.

* ^Subject:.*mailinglist.*Digest
| formail +1 -ds >>mailinglist   

विदागारातून Removing emails काढणे[संपादन]

Emails should be sent to mailing lists with care, as removal of emails from archives with any degree of safety is nearly impossible.

Running bin/arch, as is commonly suggested, has the effect of renumbering all the messages, breaking all links to the archive. It's also buggy and has corrupted the list archives in the past. Because of this, our developers have made a policy of not performing any archive deletions.

नवी इमेल यादी बनवणे[संपादन]

To create a new mailing list, you have to request it on Bugzilla. The bug should be placed in the mailing list component and assigned to Cary Bass, direct link with all the information included: [२]

Things to include:

  • requested name of the mailing list
  • reasoning/explanation of purpose (and community consensus, if applicable)
  • initial list administrator's e-mail address

After submitting the bug correctly, your list should be created within the next few days.