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Can not See Marathi

You have been happily browsing the internet and you found a link that you thought might take you to a website, believe it or not a Marathi website. You clicked it instantly and were expecting an article consisting of beautifully curved Marathi letters. But fate had it otherwise and all you got was, some not so recognizable characters and your browser looked like something below

Don’t be afraid, your computer has not been attacked by aliens. It is okay help is on its way. It is very easy to get from the image above to image shown below.

There can be two reasons for this unexpected behavior

Wrong Character Encoding Character encoding is the way computer sees or understands the characters. Ideally the page being loaded should tell the browser that it is going to show characters which are encoded in a specific scheme. This is like saying to some person who has translators for each language; I am going to speak French from now so ask your French translator to translate it for you.

It might so happen that the page you are trying to see has not told the browser that it contains characters of a specific encoding scheme and the browser tried to show the characters in its default scheme which resulted in funny looking characters. It is very easy to correct.

For viewing correctly on Firefox go to View Menu -> Character Encodings -> Unicode (UTF-8)

For viewing correctly on IE go to View Menu -> Encoding -> Unicode (UTF-8)

For Safari go to TODO

Absence of Marathi Unicode Font Fonts are a way of telling the computer which style to use to display the characters and numbers. There are special fonts which are designed for Hindi and are "Unicoded". Unicode is a special alphabet (also known as an "encoding") that includes all the characters of all the languages of the world; however, you can't see the characters if your computer doesn't have a font which describes them.

Windows XP and Windows 2003 comes with already installed Marathi Font called Mangal. Mac OSX has also the Marathi capabilities but you have to install the DevnagriMT font from the install CD. In cases where there is no Marathi Unicode Font available on the system, even the correct encoding will show junk characters. There are some very good publicly available Hindi fonts available. Please download them and install them on the system as per your system requirements.

One easy way of installing Unicode fonts on your computer is to go to BBC Hindi site and click on "Hindi Font Download".

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