ब्रायन केर्निघन

विकिपीडिया, मुक्‍त ज्ञानकोशातून
ब्रायन विल्सन केर्निघन
जन्म १९४२
टोरोंटो, ऑन्टारियो, कॅनडा
नागरिकत्व कॅनडा
कार्यक्षेत्र संगणकशास्त्र
कार्यसंस्था बेल लॅब्ज
ख्याती सी, युनिक्स ए एम् पी एल्, ए डब्लू के
वडील विल्सन

ब्रायन विल्सन केर्निघन, (१९४२:टोरोंटो, ऑन्टारियो, कॅनडा - हयात) हे एक संगणकशास्त्रज्ञ असून बेल लॅब्ज मध्ये काम करताना त्यांचा युनिक्सचे जन्मदाते केन थॉम्प्सन आणि डेनिस रिची यांच्या बरोबरीने युनिक्स आणि तिच्या विचारप्रक्रियेत महत्त्वपूर्ण सहभाग होता. ते ए डब्लू के(AWK) आज्ञावली परिभाषा आणि एएमपीएल(AMPL) आज्ञावली परिभाषा यांचे सह-लेखकसुद्धा आहेत.

केर्निघनचे नाव became widely known through co-authorship of the प्रथम book on the सी आज्ञावली भाषा with डेनिस रिची. केर्निघन has said that he had no part in the design of the C परिभाषा ('it's entirely डेनिस रिची work'). He authored many युनिक्स programs, including ditroff.

In collaboration with शेन लिन he devised well-known heuristics for two NP-complete optimization problems: graph partitioning आणि travelling salesman problem. (In a display of authorial equity, the former is usually called the केर्निघन-लिन algorithm, while the latter is styled लिन-केर्निघन.)

केर्निघन was also software editor for Prentice-Hall International. His Software Tools series spread the essence of 'C/युनिक्स thinking' with makeovers for BASIC, FORTRAN, आणि Pascal - आणि most notably his 'Ratfor' (rational FORTRAN) was put in the public domain.

He has said that if stranded बेटावर with only one programming language it would have to be C.

The 'K' of K&R C आणि the 'K' in AWK stand for 'केर्निघन'.

He received his Bachelor's degree in Engineering Physics from the टोरोंटो विद्यापिठ. He received his PhD in electrical engineering from Princeton University, where he has held a professorship in the department of computer science since 2000. Each fall he teaches a course called "Computers in Our World", which introduces the fundamentals of computing to non-majors.

He has on occasion revealed it was his own pun which led to the use of the name 'युनिक्स' (initially 'Unics') for the operating system केन थॉम्प्सन आणि डेनिस रिची were working on.

Summary of Achievements[संपादन]