विकिपीडिया, मुक्‍त ज्ञानकोशातून
ह्या लेखाचा/विभागाचा इंग्रजी किंवा अमराठी भाषेतून मराठी भाषेत भाषांतर करावयाचे बाकी आहे. अनुवाद करण्यास आपलाही सहयोग हवा आहे. ऑनलाईन शब्दकोश आणि इतर सहाय्या करिता भाषांतर प्रकल्पास भेट द्या.

मराठी आणि भारतीय संदर्भ[संपादन]


"ईथे थुंकु नये थुंकल्यास कारवाई होइल"

वाईट प्रथा[संपादन]

  • थुंकी जामिनीवर पडून जमीन अपवित्र होऊ नये म्हणून गळ्यात मडके बांधायला लावणे[ संदर्भ हवा ]

मराठी वाक्प्रचार[संपादन]

हा विभाग कालांतराने विक्शनरी प्रक्ल्पात स्थानांतरितकरणे अपेक्षीत आहे.

थुंकी झेलणे अर्थ वाक्यात उपयोग
या हाताची थुंकी, त्या हातावर झेलता येणे अर्थ वाक्यात उपयोग

लेखात प्रयूक्त संज्ञा[संपादन]

शब्दाचा विशेष संदर्भ/अर्थ छटा[संपादन]

प्रयूक्त शब्द विशेष संदर्भ/अर्थ छटा
3 4

इंग्रजी मराठी संज्ञा[संपादन]

इंग्रजी मराठी
इंग्रजी मराठी
इंग्रजी मराठी
इंग्रजी मराठी
इंग्रजी मराठी
इंग्रजी मराठी


Spitting or expectoration is the act of forcibly ejecting saliva or other substances from the mouth. It is usually considered rude and a social taboo in many parts of the world. It is possible to transmit infectious diseases in this way.

Spitting upon another person, especially onto the face, is a universal sign of anger, hatred or contempt. It can represent a "symbolical regurgitation" or an act of contamination. It can also be a device to bring good luck or ward off bad.[१]

The term spitting is also used to describe a type of soft rain, or the act of reciting premade lyrics (also known as "bars") by a rapper. This usage is colloquial and mainly used in the genres of rap, grime and hip hop.साचा:Fact

It may be preceded by hawking, forcing up phlegm from the upper respiratory tract, giving the ejected gob a more slimy consistency.

History of spitting in Western Europe पश्चिम यूरोपातील थुंकण्याचा इतिहास[संपादन]

Social attitudes towards spitting have changed greatly in Western Europe since the Middle Ages. Then, frequent spitting was part of everyday life, and at all levels of society, it was thought ill-mannered to suck back saliva to avoid spitting. By the early 1700s, spitting had become seen as something which should be concealed, and by 1859 many viewed the spitting on the floor or street as vulgar, especially in mixed company. Spittoons were used openly during the nineteenth century to provide an acceptable outlet for spitters. Spittoons became far less common after the influenza epidemic of 1918, and their use has since virtually disappeared, though each justice of the Supreme Court of the United States continues to be provided with a personal cuspidor.[१]

Dangers of spitting थुंकण्याच्या सवयीने होणारी संभावित हानी[संपादन]

Atypical pneumonia can be spread by respiratory droplets. Atypical pneumonia is a pneumonia that does not respond to the usual antibiotic treatment, therefore making this pneumonia rather severe. Another disease which can be transmitted by spitting is tuberculosis.

दूषित लाळेमधील विषाणूमार्फत अयोग्य जागी थुंकल्यामुळे लोकांमध्ये विविध संसर्गजन्य आजार पसरू शकतात जसे गालगूंड [२], विषमज्वर, स्वाईन फ्ल्यू,क्षयरोग,मेंदूज्वर . जर व्यक्तीला फुफ्फुसांचा क्षयरोग झाला असेल, आणि बाधित थुंकी-लाळ त्याच्या तोंडावाटे बाहेर पडत असेल, तर जंतुच्या संसर्गाची शक्यता खूपच अधिक असते.[३]

थुंकण्याच्या स्पर्धा[संपादन]

There are some places whereby spitting is a competitive sport, with or without a projectile in the mouth. For example, there is a Guinness World Record for cherry pit spitting, and there are world championships in Kudu dung spitting.



  • Amongst the Fremen of Arrakis in Frank Herbert's Dune series, spitting is an act of showing one's appreciation and respect. Since the desert of Arrakis provides only a small amount of water to live from, giving away fluid is a special sign of honor.
  • Spitting (or "gobbing") was a common practise among English punks in the 1970s. When the punk bands played live, it was seen as part of the punk ritual to spit on them.
  • The Maasai people in Africa spit upon one another as a greeting and farewell.साचा:Fact This was satirized in the movie Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls.
  • A camel or llama may spit if it is annoyed.
  • In law, spitting may be considered an assault and battery.
  • Spitting within a few days after removal of a tooth can disrupt the recovery process as the spitting action can change the pressure inside the mouth and disturb scabs/clots in the wound.
  • Baseball player Frenchy Bordagaray was once suspended for spitting on an umpire. He remarked that the punishment was "more than I expectorated."
  • In 1506 some African Tribes called the Mara Chasion believed that spitting was a sign that evil/bad had entered your mouth and you subconsciously spit it out.साचा:Fact

हेसुद्धा पाहा[संपादन]


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