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This needs to be shifted back to सोवियत संघ, Russia was just one of 15 Soviet republics. --Soman 12:22, 4 जानेवारी 2007 (UTC)

भूतपूर्व देश[संपादन]

This article talks about the erstwhile nation of soviet russia, which was a part of soviet union, as you correctly pointed out.

However, Soviet russia is different from soviet union, a union of 15 countries, again, as you have said rightly, and russia, which was a country in itself before union of the socialist republics and after the break up of the same.

I think this article has merit to stand on its own, as long as this distinction is made.

अभय नातू 16:22, 4 जानेवारी 2007 (UTC)

2 points (and sorry for not being able to maintain the discussion in Marathi):
  • If the article is not dealing with सोवियत संघ, then सोवियत संघ should have a separate article.
  • I agree that Soviet Russia deserves a separate article. However, a distinction needs to be made. 'Soviet Russia' refers to Russia in the first phase of the Revolution (i.e. rather corresponding to the old Russian border), before the constitution of the USSR. In the USSR, the en:Russian SFSR was formed. It is the RSFSR that became the Russian Federation in 1991. --Soman 11:21, 5 जानेवारी 2007 (UTC)
Don't worry about conversation in English, a lot of us still 'think in English' but love Marathi enough to volunteer our time and efforts here, and I thank you for yours!
I have already split the article into two :-)
सोवियेत रशिया and सोवियेत संघ are now two different articles, awaiting the proper information in them.
अभय नातू 16:21, 5 जानेवारी 2007 (UTC)