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I started translating this article, but quickly found that there is a major contradictions in the history section.

The first paragraph states that the script was used in 13th century. The second section categorically states that since the first available document is from 1429, it could not have been used in the 13th century.

Which version is correct? Will the person that wrote the original (English) article clarify? It would help if that person created a user id for him/herself and edited/created articles using the user id. That will allow other wikipedians to converse about his/her contributions directly instead of having to converse on an article talk page, as I am doing right now.

The above rule should be followed by all 'anonymous' contributors. We respect your privacy, but it would help our cause a lot if we followed this simple rule.


Abhay Natu (User Talk:अभय नातू)

Re: History of Modi[संपादन]

Modi, in fact, used for the first time during Thirteenth Century.
For more information, one can refer to -
Marathi Modi Tripod.com Site


प्रिय मित्र, अभय नातु साहेब, ज्या अर्थी हेमाडपंत हे १३व्या शतकात ले गृहस्थ होते त्या अर्थाने १३शतक जास्त अर्थपुर्ण वाटते.एखादा उपलब्ध ऐतिहासिक दस्त ऐवज १४व्या शतकातिल असेल तरी तत्कालीन इतर दस्ता ऐवज नष्ट झाले असणार. दुसरे भाषा आणि लिपी या उत्क्रांत होणार .आणि उत्क्रांतीचा कालावधी मोठा असणार हे शक्य आहे.

  • कृपया खास करून बोलपान त्या त्या पेज्चे वापराणेच चांगले कारण इतर व्यक्तिंना चर्चा सहज लक्षात येते.

आपला विजय



आपला युक्तिवाद अगदी बरोबर आहे परंतु जर काही (कागदोपत्री!) पुरावा सापडल्यास हा प्रश्न धसास लागेल. त्याव्यतिरीक्त जरतारी भाषा (युक्तिवादासह) वापरावी लागेल.

I humbly believe that any information published on wikipedia must have hard facts behind it. If they are unavailable, reasonable caveats must be inserted.

As for using talk pages of articles, it is ok to use if the question/comment is relevant to the article/subject in question. My earlier comment about not using an articles page for a general request for information is the standard on English (and probably other) wikipedia and logical.


User:अभय नातू

Oldest Modi Document.[संपादन]

As Vijay said Modi was invented by Hemandpant in 13th century and oldest available document IS SAID to be of 1429 with Maharshtra Itihaas Sanshodhan Mandal. chuk bhul dyavi ghyavi. Raajiv

Copyright information[संपादन]


Thanks for notifying me about cotents of this page and that they have been copied from your web site.

On behalf of wikipedia, I thank you for offering to release the content to marathi wikipedia. You have requested ऋणनिर्देश of the same on this page. Who better than yourself to include it, in wording of your choice?


अभय नातू 14:28, 16 एप्रिल 2006 (UTC)

I dont know what ur talking about.How do i do that? I just requested u to include a link to my site and a mention about source.

And I'm saying that you can do it yourself, in the way you need it, by including -


on the page concerend.

अभय नातू 02:35, 1 मे 2006 (UTC)