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Can you please explain the origin/etymology of this word?

I had never heard of it before, except in context of मामलेदार/मामलतदार.

Abhay Natu २३:३५, ९ जानेवारी २००८ (UTC)

I think he has taken that word for 'Juridiction', but i'm also unaware of the origin.
कौस्तुभ समुद्र १३:३१, १० जानेवारी २००८ (UTC)
That translation of jurisdiction is from Molesworth dictionary.
प्रिया १६:३१, १० जानेवारी २००८ (UTC)
Is the word used in Indian courts/official business?
Abhay Natu १६:४७, १० जानेवारी २००८ (UTC)
I don't think so. I have never read it before (and I have read a non-trivial amount of Marathi and Hindi)
While close in meaning, हुजूरमामला is not a good choice for this translation because:
  1. It is complex to read and understand. In all probability not widely used too, and
  2. Anyway it is not exact. हुजूरमामला means jurisdiction over a "given away" area, according to the Molesworth link above.
I started with Bombay high court website and reached this page where jurisdiction is called न्यायालयाचे कार्यक्षेत्र (same page in English for comparison). So we can adopt "न्यायालयाचे कार्यक्षेत्र" or "न्यायक्षेत्र". The latter is already in use in Hindi and it is a simpler word in addition to being a closer translation.
केदार {संवाद, योगदान} १७:०५, १० जानेवारी २००८ (UTC)

sorry didnot saw this comments earlier?

yes priya is correct i got this meaning from Molesworth Dictionary

i feel name is not important for now, let me get this doc and template working once the working is verfied we can redirect to correct or more closer name?

Kedar's suggestion looks good but for now we can wait for the template to be ready and also any new names are welcome.


सुभाष राऊत २१:०३, १० जानेवारी २००८ (UTC)