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विकिपीडिया, मुक्‍त ज्ञानकोशातून
(साचा:This is a redirect/Comparison या पानावरून पुनर्निर्देशित)

साचा:To right Because of a software modification, text can now appear on Wikipedia's redirect pages. Therefore, they all have the capability to display other readable text in addition to the redirect arrow and target page title, which had been the sole, displayable content prior to the software modification.

This page compares how text appears in accordance with project endeavors to categorize redirects using redirect category (rcat) templates. In particular, the style comparisons on this page display examples that show how rcats are rendered when the {{Redirect category shell}} (Rcat shell), which appears exactly the same as template {{This is a redirect}} (Redr), is used:

{{Redirect category shell|{{R from plural}}{{R with possibilities}}}}

in contrast to how text appears when rcats are added to redirects individually, such as:

{{R from plural}} {{R with possibilities}}

Learning curve


With both the Rcat shell and the Redr templates, the learning curve for inexperienced editors, who want to learn the details of redirect categorization, can be greatly enhanced. If an editor has no idea where to start and wants to learn, they just have to add {{Rcat shell}} or {{Redr}} to the third line of a redirect's edit screen, and someone will "come a runninसाचा:'" to add rcats to the redirect. If they keep track of where they left a shell template, then they will learn how to categorize from more experienced editors. As their learning grows, they are not abandoned. If an editor knows that one or two rcats are needed, but they are unsure if any more should be added, all they need do is leave the very first parameter empty. Just as before, other editors will come a runnin' to double check their good work. This ability to help new and inexperienced editors is not available to individually applied rcats. More details may be found on the documentation pages of the templates.

Protection detection


Another good reason to consider the use of Redirect category shell (Rcat shell) or This is a redirect (Redr) instead of using individual rcats on redirects is that those shell templates, in addition to the learning curve and standardized text, are capable of detecting the protection level(s) of a redirect. When an administrator protects a redirect, either edit-protected, move-protected or both, and if either the Redirect category shell or the This is a redirect template has already been used to tag the redirect, then they automatically sort the redirect into appropriate protection categories. If and when protection is lifted, raised or lowered, then the protection tags and categories are automatically removed or adjusted accordingly. If you add one of them to an already protected redirect, then please be sure to remove any manually placed protection rcats that won't be needed. This automatic protection sensing is not available to individually applied rcats.

Style comparison

Templates used
The rcat templates used in this example are:

Rcat shell and Redr


साचा:Rcat shell

Individually added


साचा:R from related word

    • नोंद घ्या: साचा चर्चापाने ही चर्चा नामचिश्वात असतात; ती साचा नामविश्वात असत नाहीत. चर्चा पानांना असणाऱ्या सर्व लघुपथांना {{लघुपथापासूनचे पुनर्निर्देशन}} हे लावावयास हवे.

साचा:R from long name साचा:R from alternative name साचा:R to redirect template

Incorrect namespace


Also noted is how these will appear if an rcat is used to tag a redirect in the wrong namespace. {{R from plural}} is an rcat that is only used in article mainspace, and this is a template page, so:

{{Rcat shell|{{R from plural}}}} or {{This is a redirect|from plural}}...

{{R from plural}} if used individually... साचा:R from plural

Note 1: If {{R from plural}} or any template is used in a different namespace than it should be used, the editor may note that both the above error message and a different categorization than expected is generated. The page will not be sorted to the expected category, and will instead populate Category:Pages with templates in the wrong namespace.

Note 2: When the error box shown above is seen on "preview" or after the edit has been saved, be sure to correct the error by removing the rcat that should only be used in another namespace. In this case the {{R from modification}} rcat, which may be used in any namespace, can be used instead of R from plural:

{{Rcat shell|{{R from modification}}}} or {{This is a redirect|from modification}}... साचा:Rcat shell

{{R from modification}}... साचा:R from modification

Edit notes

  • Always double check your edits even after you have previewed and saved them. Some edits may appear differently in different browsers and skins, so it's good to be prepared and to check those edits with different browsers and in different skins. Also, a few edits may appear differently after saved than when they were viewed on preview.
  • If your edits fail to appear after you've saved them, be sure you have enabled your ability to see "hidden categories". You can make this choice very easily:
  1. Go to साचा:Myprefs
  2. Scroll down to प्रगत पर्याय
  3. Check the box लपविलेले वर्ग दाखवा
  4. Click जतन करा
You may need to purge your browser cache to ensure that you can see hidden cats in the future.
  • साचा:Maroon There is another way the text can be seen and checked to see if the correct rcat has been added. When an editor begins to edit a redirect, the edit screen is brought up that gives the ability to change the page. If the redirect is disabled for preview and not saved, the editor can see the text of the rcat(s) added by clicking on Show preview. Once the editor has determined that the correct rcats have been added, the redirect can be re-enabled before being saved. One easy way to disable a redirect is to type a number or letter in the upper left of the edit field, to the left of the "#REDIRECT", as in "4#REDIRECT". Be sure that the "4" is removed before the Save page is clicked.
  • साचा:Maroon The above "preview trick" works for other templates as well, such as {{Reflist}} or its shortcut, {{RE}}. Place one of those beneath a paragraph of an article section and click on Show preview to give you a "test reflist" with which to check citation edits. If you forget to remove the test reflist and save the page with it, just be sure to double check the edit and correct your mistake. Others will understand because we've all made the same or similar errors.

There are two closed bugs and one open Phab ticket that dealt/deal with the appearance of text on redirects:

Until the first two were resolved, the above texts only appeared at Rfd, because only then was a redirect disabled (by the Rfd template). Only when a redirect was disabled would text appear on redirects.