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Using too many individual article message boxes can distract from the article and make it unpleasant to look at, as in this example. This template tags articles or sections for multiple maintenance issues and then displays the alerts in a single box, as an alternative to using several space-consuming boxes.


Do not use this as the only message box on the article or section; it should be used with at least two other message boxes sandwiched inside it.
Search for the best templates to express your issues at Wikipedia:Template messages or Wikipedia:Template messages/Examples.

The syntax for the template is:

{{Multiple issues|section=|
{{Issue 1}}
{{Issue 2}}
{{Issue 3}}

where Issue 1, Issue 2, Issue 3, etc. are article maintenance templates (see Wikipedia:Template messages/Cleanup), which take their usual parameters, and {{Ambox}} templates, which usually should not be used. Each of these templates should be placed on individual lines, but must not be separated from each other by pipes or template parameters, because that would cause some or all of the banners to be hidden.

A |section=yes| parameter can be used to modify the template to be used below a section header.

Example for an article[संपादन]

{{Multiple issues|
{{Orphan|date=जानेवारी २००८}}
{{POV|date=जून २००९}}
{{One source|date=मार्च २०११}}
{{Notability|Corp|date=जून २०१२}}


Example for a section[संपादन]

{{Multiple issues|section=yes|
{{Unreferenced section|date=January 2012}}
{{Disputed-section|date=April 2012}}
{{Expand section|1=examples and additional citations|demospace=main|date=June 2012}}


General notes[संपादन]

  • Redundant issues: Please do not insert tags that are too similar to or redundant with each other. All articles that read like essays have an inappropriate tone, and in fact they end up in the same category, so it is unnecessary to add {{tone}} in addition to {{essay-like}}. {{Cleanup}} is very vague and so should be replaced with a more specific template whenever possible.
  • Too many issues: Similarly, if an article has many problems, please consider listing only the most important. A lengthy list is often less helpful than a shorter one. Remember that this tag is not intended as a badge of shame.
  • Only one issue: Don't use this template for a single issue; just use the stand-alone template. See Wikipedia:Template messages/Cleanup for a list of available tags.
  • Custom text: If no article maintenance template describes a problem, an {{Ambox}} lets you write custom text. Don't use it to add more than an article maintenance template says, since what is said should be concise and article maintenance templates usually are. In your custom text, link to a relevant policy or guideline so other editors understand why adherence to your Ambox is important. While an article maintenance template generally causes categorization that invites editing, an Ambox template does not, so, if at all feasible, use an article maintenance template instead.

Old syntax[संपादन]

Please see Template:Multiple issues/doc/old for the deprecated syntax this template used previously.


यथादृश्यसंपादक व इतर साधनांसाठी वापरण्यात येणारे हे टेम्प्लेटडाटा दस्तावेजीकरण आहे.

Multiple issues साठी टेम्प्लेटडाटा

This template is used to tag articles or sections for multiple maintenance issues and display the alerts in a single box.

साच्याचे प्राचल (पॅरामिटर्स)

ह्या टेंप्लेटचे प्रारुपण आपण आपल्या इच्छेप्रमाणे करु शकता.


The issues that you want to include. Use the full template syntax, with newlines between them.


Allows the multiple messages to be hidden by default.


Allows the word "article" to be replaced with "section".


Tracking categories[संपादन]

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