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हे कागदपत्र पान जे साचा:Man या पानावरून घेण्यात आला आहे.
जर ते सरळ निर्देशित केले, तर बरेच संकेतस्थळे व्यवस्थित चालणार नाहीत, कृपया त्यास बदलू नये.

To be used for inserting manual page links into articles on Unix topics.



In Out
{{man|3|printf}} printf(3) – Linux Library Functions Manual
{{man|3|printf|||inline}} printf(3)
{{man|3|printf|FreeBSD}} printf(3) – FreeBSD Library Functions Manual
{{man|3|printf||formatted output conversion}} printf(3): formatted output conversion – Linux Library Functions Manual


  1. Manual section
  2. Manual page name
  3. Source (the name of a subpage in the Template:Man namespace e.g. FreeBSD. Leave blank for the current default.)
  4. Page description
  5. Style parameter; currently inline omits the attribution.

Available sources[संपादन]

Please add to this table as you write new sources!

Source Example Result
die.net[१] {{man|1|man|die.net}} man(1) – Linux User Commands Manual
default[२] {{man|1|man}} man(1) – Linux User Commands Manual
Darwin {{man|1|man|Darwin}} man(1) – Darwin and Mac OS X General Commands Manual
Debian {{man|1|man|Debian}} man(1) – Debian General Commands Manual
DragonFly {{man|1|man|DragonFly BSD}} man(1) – DragonFly General Commands Manual
FreeBSD {{man|1|man|FreeBSD}} man(1) – FreeBSD General Commands Manual
HP-UX {{man|1|man|HP-UX}} man(1) – HP-UX 11i User Commands Manual
IRIX {{man|1|man|IRIX}} man(1) – IRIX 6.5 User Commands Manual
Linux[३] {{man|7|epoll|Linux}} epoll(7) – Linux Programmer's Manual – Overview, Conventions and Miscellanea
LinuxManPages {{man|1|man|LinuxManPages}} man(1) – Linux General Commands Manual on linuxmanpages.com
MirOS BSD {{man|1|man|MirOS BSD}} man(1) – MirOS BSD i386 General Commands Manual
NetBSD {{man|1|man|NetBSD}} man(1) – NetBSD General Commands Manual
OpenBSD {{man|1|man|OpenBSD}} man(1) – OpenBSD General Commands Manual
Plan 9 {{man|1|man|Plan 9}} man(1) – Plan 9 General Commands Manual
SUS {{man|cu|man|SUS}} man – Commands & Utilities Reference, The Single UNIX® Specification, Issue 7 from The Open Group
Solaris {{man|1|man|Solaris}} man(1) – Solaris 10 User Commands Reference Manual
Inferno {{man|1|man|Inferno}} man(1) – Inferno General commands Manual
  1. ^ Current default
  2. ^ Redirects to the current default
  3. ^ Note: this is the Linux programmer's manual. It contains manual pages primarily from sections 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7, and does not cover the usual GNU user utilities.

Other sources[संपादन]

Occasionally you will come across manual pages for which writing a source is overkill. In this case you can use Template:man/format directly with a URL for formatting:

In Out
{{man/format|1|dbx|http://.../dbx.1.html|source-level debugging tool|[[Sun Studio]] Developer's Manual}} dbx(1): source-level debugging tool – Sun Studio Developer's Manual

The interface of Template:man/format is therefore externally visible and needs to be kept constant.


Writing sources[संपादन]

A source takes three parameters:

  1. Manual section
  2. Manual page name
  3. Output selector:
    • attrib for attribution
    • url for URL to page
    • display_section for section to display in parentheses.

See Template:Man/die.net for an example; see Template:Man/FreeBSD for a demonstration of varying the attribution by manual section.


Template:man handles choosing the default source and calling it for URL and attribution; the default source is Template:man/default, which is a template redirect currently to Template:man/die.net. Template:man/format actually formats the link and descriptions into a nice-looking link+auxilia in Unix style.