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{{{2}}}({{{1}}}) – Linux Manual

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To be used for inserting manual page links into articles on Unix topics.



In Out
{{man|3|printf}} printf(3) – Linux Library Functions Manual
{{man|3|printf|||inline}} printf(3)
{{man|3|printf|FreeBSD}} printf(3) – FreeBSD Library Functions Manual
{{man|3|printf||formatted output conversion}} printf(3): formatted output conversion – Linux Library Functions Manual


  1. Manual section
  2. Manual page name
  3. Source (the name of a subpage in the Template:Man namespace e.g. FreeBSD. Leave blank for the current default.)
  4. Page description
  5. Style parameter; currently inline omits the attribution.

Available sources[संपादन]

Please add to this table as you write new sources!

Source Example Result
die.net[१] {{man|1|man|die.net}} man(1) – Linux User Commands Manual
default[२] {{man|1|man}} man(1) – Linux User Commands Manual
Darwin {{man|1|man|Darwin}} man(1) – Darwin and Mac OS X General Commands Manual
Debian {{man|1|man|Debian}} man(1) – Debian General Commands Manual
DragonFly {{man|1|man|DragonFly BSD}} man(1) – DragonFly General Commands Manual
FreeBSD {{man|1|man|FreeBSD}} man(1) – FreeBSD General Commands Manual
HP-UX {{man|1|man|HP-UX}} man(1) – HP-UX 11i User Commands Manual
IRIX {{man|1|man|IRIX}} man(1) – IRIX 6.5 User Commands Manual
Linux[३] {{man|7|epoll|Linux}} epoll(7) – Linux Programmer's Manual – Overview, Conventions and Miscellanea
LinuxManPages {{man|1|man|LinuxManPages}} man(1) – Linux General Commands Manual on linuxmanpages.com
MirOS BSD {{man|1|man|MirOS BSD}} man(1) – MirOS BSD i386 General Commands Manual
NetBSD {{man|1|man|NetBSD}} man(1) – NetBSD General Commands Manual
OpenBSD {{man|1|man|OpenBSD}} man(1) – OpenBSD General Commands Manual
Plan 9 {{man|1|man|Plan 9}} man(1) – Plan 9 General Commands Manual
SUS {{man|cu|man|SUS}} man – Commands & Utilities Reference, The Single UNIX® Specification, Issue 7 from The Open Group
Solaris {{man|1|man|Solaris}} man(1) – Solaris 10 User Commands Reference Manual
Inferno {{man|1|man|Inferno}} man(1) – Inferno General commands Manual
  1. ^ Current default
  2. ^ Redirects to the current default
  3. ^ Note: this is the Linux programmer's manual. It contains manual pages primarily from sections 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7, and does not cover the usual GNU user utilities.

Other sources[संपादन]

Occasionally you will come across manual pages for which writing a source is overkill. In this case you can use Template:man/format directly with a URL for formatting:

In Out
{{man/format|1|dbx|http://.../dbx.1.html|source-level debugging tool|[[Sun Studio]] Developer's Manual}} dbx(1): source-level debugging tool – Sun Studio Developer's Manual

The interface of Template:man/format is therefore externally visible and needs to be kept constant.


Writing sources[संपादन]

A source takes three parameters:

  1. Manual section
  2. Manual page name
  3. Output selector:
    • attrib for attribution
    • url for URL to page
    • display_section for section to display in parentheses.

See Template:Man/die.net for an example; see Template:Man/FreeBSD for a demonstration of varying the attribution by manual section.


Template:man handles choosing the default source and calling it for URL and attribution; the default source is Template:man/default, which is a template redirect currently to Template:man/die.net. Template:man/format actually formats the link and descriptions into a nice-looking link+auxilia in Unix style.