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|rowspan= style="text-align:center;vertical-align:top;" |mile |style="text-align:center;vertical-align:top;"|mi |style="text-align:center;vertical-align:top;"|मैल |rowspan= style="vertical-align:top;"| |rowspan= style="text-align:right;vertical-align:top;"|१,६०९.३४४ |style="vertical-align:top;"|

  • mi km

|- |rowspan= valign=top align=center |फर्लांग |align=center valign=top|furlong | |rowspan= valign=top| |rowspan= valign=top align=right|२०१.१६८ |valign=top| |- |rowspan= valign=top align=center |chain |align=center valign=top|chain | |rowspan= valign=top| |rowspan= valign=top align=right|२०.११६८ |valign=top| |- |rowspan= valign=top align=center |rod |align=center valign=top|rd |align=center valign=top|rd |rowspan= valign=top| |rowspan= valign=top align=right|५.०२९२ |valign=top| साचा:Convert/pole साचा:Convert/perch |- |rowspan= valign=top align=center |फॅदम |align=center valign=top|fathom | |rowspan= valign=top|assumes 1 fathom ≡ 6 ft |rowspan= valign=top align=right|१.८२८८ |valign=top| |- |rowspan= valign=top align=center |यार्ड |align=center valign=top|yd |align=center valign=top|yd |rowspan= valign=top|assumes the international definition |rowspan= valign=top align=right|०.९१४४ |valign=top|

  • yd m

|- |rowspan= valign=top align=center |फूट |align=center valign=top|ft (foot) |align=center valign=top|फूट |rowspan= valign=top|The foot code will produce foot as the plural form. |rowspan= valign=top align=right|०.३०४८ |valign=top|

  • ftin (feet and inches)
  • ft m (foot m)

साचा:Convert/list of units/itemnontable2 साचा:Convert/hand |- |rowspan= valign=top align=center |इंच |align=center valign=top|in |align=center valign=top|इं |rowspan= valign=top| |rowspan= valign=top align=right|०.०२५४ |valign=top|

  • in cm
  • in mm