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लेखन त्रुटी:"$B= <table class="box-Improve_categories plainlinks ombox ombox-style ambox-cat_improve" role="presentation"><tr><td class="mbox-image">Wiki letter w.svg</td><td class="mbox-text"></td></tr></table>" ही क्रिया अस्तित्वात नाही.

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साचा:Friendly standard installation

This template indicates that the article needs additional or more specific categories.

It is recommended that this template be placed at the bottom of the page, where readers will look for the categories.

A |talk= parameter is allowed; setting this to any value will result in the message "See talk page for details." being included in the tag.

This template also includes support for using the |date= parameter. Adding this parameter sorts the article into a dated subcategory of वर्ग:अतिरिक्त वर्ग हवे असणारे लेख and out of the parent category, allowing the oldest problems to be identified and dealt with first. A bot will add this parameter if it is omitted.

Listed below are two options for usage.

{{Improve categories|date=जानेवारी २०२२}}

{{Improve categories|date=जानेवारी २०२२|talk=y}}


  1. {{CI}}
  2. {{Catimprove}}
  3. {{Cat improve}}
  4. {{Cat-improve}}
  5. {{Category improve}}
  6. {{Category-improve}}
  7. {{Categories improve}}
  8. {{Categories-improve}}
  9. {{Cleanup cat}}
  10. {{Cleanup-cat}}
  11. {{Few categories}}
  12. {{Few cats}}
  13. {{Fewcategories}}
  14. {{Fewcats}}
  15. {{Improve-categories}}
  16. {{Improve-cats}}
  17. {{Improve cats}}
  18. {{Improvecategories}}
  19. {{Improvecats}}
  20. {{More categories}}
  21. {{More category}}
  22. {{Morecat}}
  23. {{Morecategories}}
  24. {{Morecats}}
  25. {{Undercategorized}}

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