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  • Link Towards Embassy for Non Marathi Language People at Marathi Wikipedia
  • mr: हे पान मराठी विकिपीडियावर बॉट दर्जाची विनंती करण्यासाठी आहे. मराठी विकिपीडियाचे स्वतंत्र बोट धोरण आहे ज्यास या पृष्ठावर स्थानिक मान्यता आवश्यक आहे. सर्व बॉटस या स्थानिक विनंती पृष्ठावर अर्ज करा आणि नंतर आक्षेप नसल्यास स्थानिक प्रशासकांकडून प्रवेश विनंती करा. कृपया लक्षात ठेवा:मानक बॉट धोरण येथे वापरले जात नाही आणि जागतिक सांगकामेना परवानगी नाही.
  • en: This page is for requesting bot status on Marathi Wikipedia. The Marathi-language Wikipedia has an independent bot policy which requires a local approval on this page. All bots should apply on this local request page, and then request access from a local bureaucrat if there is no objection. Please note: the standard bot policy is not used here and global bots are not allowed.

Policy for Non Marathi Bots

Wikipedia Bot.svg

Please discuss policy for Non Marathi Bots convey it prominently to all old and new bots

  • All non-Marathi Bots please do register yourself with bot name, controllers User name, talkpage, with brief info the work Bot carrying out; source of Marathi words reffered by the bot etc. at विकिपीडिया:Embassy .
  • Make atleast 50 edits or as asked by local bureaucrat to get bot flag
  • Other than interwiki linking, prior permission from Marathi wikipedia bureaucrat or sysop is must.
  • Non-Marathi Bots are requested, not to carry out any spellcheck/spellchange in Roman or Devnagari script in Marathi Language wikipedia or Wiktionary; except in cases of specific request coming from a Marathi Wikipedia Sysop after due consensus at Marathi Wikipedia.
  • Whether bots or non Marathi wikipedians want to request spell change shall do so first at Embassy in a separate subsection.
Non-Marathi Bots shall not carry out any change in any images and pictures (Other than Commons-delinker to avoid copyright issues)
Non-Marathi Bots shall not upload any images and files without express permission or request to and from Sysops or bureaucrat from Marathi Wikipedia with due consensus and/or requirements.
संस्कृत, हिंदी तथा किसीभी भारतीय भाषासे मराठी व्याकरण और मराठी शब्द लेखन भिन्न हो सकता है इस लिए अमराठी भाषायी बॉट/बॉट नियंत्रक (मराठी भाषी बॉट के अलावा और किसी भाषा के बॉट नियंत्रक) द्वारा मराठी भाषा विकिपीडियामे शुद्धीचिकित्सा या शब्द '"शुद्धीकरण प्रतिबंधीत है।

Local Bureaucrat's modus operandum

Modus operandum in dealing with bot requests has been to contact the operator on his/her home wikipedia and request a set number (usually 50) test edits on w:mr. Once the bot fulfills this requirement, a bureaucrat shall grant the bot status and contact the bot operator again, letting him/her know that the flag has been granted. After that, bureaucrat keeps an eye on that bot for a few days to ensure no funny business is going on.

Most of the pending bot requests fall into one of the following categories --
  • Fly-by request. Someone operating a bot blasts a bot request to all wikipedias, regardless of whether they intend to work on w:mr or not. These do not respond to the request of test edits. bureaucrat shall not grant flag without test edits.
  • No response. There is no response, positive or negative from the operator.
  • Opposition's from local users and/or failure to address concerns and answer questions.
  • There are also some other bots that have been editing here without requesting a bot flag. Unless requested, an account must not be flagged as a bot.


Please add new requests at the bottom of this section.


  • कार्य: Archiving of talkpage, Maintainace, statistics (future)
  • इतर प्रकल्पात बॉटफ्लॅग आहे (होय/नाही) : yes


Symbol strong support vote.svg पाठिंबा- I had requested Steinsplitter regarding the request for using his bot on Marathi Wikipedia on his talkpage on commons. Steinsplitter has responded in an affirmative and would like to enhance the quality of editing on this Marathi language Wikipedia. - Tiven2240

Symbol strong support vote.svg पाठिंबा- We would be happy to have him on mrwiki. - sureshkhole


Steinsplitter operates this bot on seven versions of Wikipedia. As current Steinsplitter is a admin on Commons, Meta, Mediawiki, outreach, test as well as global renamer, OTRS member, Abuse filter helpers and Global IP block exemptions globally. He is highly trusted member and can prove asset to Marathi Wikipedia if given a chance. Hope Gnome-edit-redo.svgअभय नातू: look into this request asap and grant him Bot flag on MrWp --टायवीन२२४०माझ्याशी बोला २१:३८, ५ एप्रिल २०१८ (IST)[reply]


  • कार्य: लेखांना साचे लावणे, आवश्यक ते संदर्भात बदल करणे, शुद्धलेखन इ.





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Written by Yurik, the bot makes it possible for many wikis to share templates and modules, and helps with the translations. See project page.

  • इतर प्रकल्पात बॉटफ्लॅग आहे (होय/नाही)  :





प्रकल्प पानावर सांगकाम्या असण्यासाठीचे निकष पडताळून पाहिले.

Gnome-edit-redo.svgYurik:, Yes check.svg झाले. -- अभय नातू (चर्चा) ०३:५०, १ मे २०१९ (IST)[reply]