विकिपीडिया, मुक्‍त ज्ञानकोशातून

पखियांमधे मैओरु ! वृखियांमधे कल्पतरु !
भासांमधें मानु थोरु ! मराठियेसे !!

बुद्धीला खाद्य[संपादन]

'भारतीय भाषांमध्ये विकी का बहरला पाहिजे यावर बंगाली विकी प्रबंधक रजिब यांचे भाष्य

The world is becoming highly digitized. In such a world, anything not available online will virtually disappear in 10 to 15 years from now. That’s why local culture, traditions, and languages need to be preserved.

True, many Indians and Bangladeshis can read English. But then again, the “many” is actually a small percentage of the total population … perhaps the English wiki audience in Indian subcontinent belong to the higher middle class - upper class of the population. If you want to reach more people, provide them with knowledge not available before, you have to do that in your local language.

Another issue is comprehensibility. I did some academic research with a professor at UIUC on the readability of Wikipedia articles. I found out that an average wikipedia article requires at least 12 years of US school education to understand. In case of Featured articles, you’d need at least 14 years of education to comprehend it. (the measures used are very objective, so I’m not just doing a guesstimate here). So, you can’t really expect a lot of people whose native language isn’t English, to understand English Wikipedia articles, as effectively as they would one in their own language.

I am supervising a CD release for Bangla Wikipedia. and we plan to distribute it to schools and colleges all across Bangladesh. The 35% growth Jimbo referred to is the result of the collaboration of a core group of editors, many of whom were previously active in English wikipedia. We shifted our focus to local language wikis because in the long run, that will be more effective in spreading information.

Thanks for your views, though. रजिब

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