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दृश्यसंपादनात नेहमी वापरले जाणाऱ्या साचांचा वापर सुलभ होण्यासाठी पुढील तांत्रिक साहाय्य हवे आहे.

mw:Help:TemplateData contains information about how to add TemplateData information to common templates on your wiki. This is important because if templates do not include this data, they will be difficult to use inside the visual editor.

Tip: There is now an editing tool that allows you to add TemplateData in a simpler way.

Start with templates that are often used in articles, such as citation and reference templates, as well as infoboxes. The MostTranscludedPages special page on your wiki might help you find out which are the most important templates you need to work on. The ones which are heavily used in the article namespace have the priority.

Tip: Check how other wikis did this. For example, here is the TemplateData for the {{Cite web}} template at the English Wikipedia. If you recently imported {{Cite web}} from that wiki and didn't customize it further, then copying and pasting their TemplateData will probably work for you.