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Page for conducting membership-wide CheckUser Poll.Since conducting this poll requires approval from Non-Marathi Stewards please use english language.

  • CheckUser Nomination Poll (काही वेळा मेटावरील लोकांनाही हे पान poll संदर्भात आहे हे समजावे म्हणून ही ओळ कृपया इंग्रजीतच असु द्यावी.)

माहितगार mahitgar resquest support poll for CheckUser and Oversight[संपादन]

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Dear Marathi Wikipedians,

Please do note above requested CheckUser (सदस्यत्व तपासनिस) and Oversight (झापडबंद आधिकारी) are distinct set of user rights.

While over last 8 years Marathi Wikipedia and Marathi Wikipedian community has developed in to a good level of maturity ,as we are growing in numbers, as you know, we are equally facing various challenges including that of, increased level of inapropriate charecter assasination , copyright violations etc some of those may not be in tune with wikipedia and wikimedia foundation principles , policies and culture and may bring our growing community in bad repute.

Since the Marathi Wikipedian community has supported(voted) infavour of the policy to bring in check the inapropriate spamming with the help of checkuser and oversight , I would like to apply for user rights of checkuser and oversight . I am quite aware that both these responsibilities do call upon high level of maturity discretion integrity , high digree of respect to others privacy and freedom of expression and at the same time delicate understanding of what is inapropriate to wikipedia policies and inapropriate according to laws.

As you all are aware I have been studying and supporting new users and have been even studying in detail what we all call spamming .Uptill now I have done every attempt to use sysop rights provided to me most judiciously and used them to secure or prohibit any one in rarest case with proper detail study and need.I have been always trying to support anonymous users newcomers and also I do have a balanced understanding of different views across the marathi and Maharashtran community . I have spent good enough of time on writing articals related to human expression and freedom of expression on Marathi Wikipedia (In fact in this case Marathi Wikipedia is likely to have a better level of artical even compared to english wikipedia in near future) this is to state that I do have a necessary understanding of word free in in "Free encyclopedia" .

We are not in hurry , I request every Marathi Wikipedian to study my previous contributions on Marathi Wikipedia , besides do study in detail what exact responsibilites check user and oversight both the user rights give to a user and then do vote.

I will put on the request on meta only after getting more than twenty user support , that minimum limit I am taking on my own since I know what kind of responsibilty you all will be confering on to me

With regards

माहितगार ०७:३६, २ डिसेंबर २०११ (UTC)

पाठिंबा- These rights will give you a bit more insights and control on controlling vandalism and I am sure you will use them cautiously!. - Prabodh1987
पाठिंबा - संतोष दहिवळ

पाठिंबा- I second Prabodh's opinion.. - Sankalpdravid
पाठिंबा - vinod rakte
विरोध - Manjiri
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