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मुख्य पानावरून काढण्यात आलेला मजकूर[संपादन]

General Information

Kingsnakes in general live across the southern continental United States across the deserts of Arizona to Mexico. Their size ranges from 80-170 centimeters. They might be striped, speckled or banded. They are black and yellow and they eat the most in the fall. The kingsnake will become dormant in winter, but it will still shed its skin. He or she must stay near water. Some give birth to live young, but most don't. The kingsnakes have brills instead of eyelids, this keeps the dust, dirt, and sand out of their eyes. This also gives them glossy eyes or a dazed look.

Zoo Observations

At the zoo, the kingsnake started to wrap his body around the zookeeper's arm when he got scared. He was yellow and black. Sometimes he would straighten himself out. He had glossy eyes.


The Florida king snake lives in cypress ponds, in savannah pine lands, and prairies. The Florida king snake is an enemy of the rattlesnake and called rattlesnake pilot.

Other VarietiesCalifornia Kingsnake

Californiae lampropeltis 

Mexican Black Kingsnake

Nigrita lampropeltis 

Desert Kingsnake

Splendida lampropeltis 

Black Kingsnake

Nigra lampropeltis 

Outer Banks kingsnake

Sticticeps lampropeltis 

Speckled Kingsnake

Holbrook lampropeltis 

Eastern Kingsnake

Getula lampropeltis

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