वर्ग:विकिपीडिया अर्ध-सुरक्षित संचिका

विकिपीडिया, मुक्‍त ज्ञानकोशातून

This category contains files which have been semi-protected in line with the Wikipedia:Protection policy. Semi-protection prevents a file from being edited by anonymous and newly registered users. For fully protected pages, which can be edited only by administrators, see Category:Wikipedia fully-protected files.

To add an file to this category, use {{pp-semi-protected}} or one of the more specific semi-protection templates. This should only be done if the image is in fact semi-protected.

Note that adding the template does not in itself protect the file. Conversely, protecting the page does not automatically add the template (or any other visible protected-page category linkages), which results in some pages having a "view source"-tab instead of "edit this page" and yet not showing "Semi-protected" at the bottom -- a situation new users may find rather confusing. Therefore, it is best to always add the template immediately after protecting the page.

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