जर्मनीचा ध्वज

विकिपीडिया, मुक्‍त ज्ञानकोशातून
जर्मनीचा ध्वज
जर्मनीचा ध्वज
जर्मनीचा ध्वज
नाव Bundesflagge
वापर राष्ट्रीय ध्वज
आकार ३:५
स्वीकार मे २३, १९४९

जर्मनीचा ध्वज काळा, लाल व पिवळा ह्या तीन रंगांच्या आडव्या पट्ट्यांपासून बनला आहे.


Colour scheme Black Red Gold
RAL 9005
Jet black
Traffic red
Cadmium yellow
HKS 0, 0, 0 5.0PB 3.0/12 6.0R 4.5/14
Pantone Black 485 7405*
HTML Hexadecimals #000000 #FF0000 #FFCC00
HTML Decimals 0,0,0 255,0,0 255,204,0

ऐतिहासिक ध्वज[संपादन]

जर्मन साम्राज्य (1849)[संपादन]

Flag Date Use Description
(at the Frankfurt assembly)
State and national flag
1848–1852 War Ensign

North German Confederation (1867–1871)[संपादन]

Flag Date Use Description
1867–1871 State and national flag A tricolour, made of three equal horizontal bands coloured black (top), white, and red (bottom).
1867–1871 War Ensign
1867–1871 Gösch (marine jack)

जर्मन साम्राज्य (1871–1918)[संपादन]

Flag Date Use Description
1871–1918 National and civil flag
1871–1892 Reichskriegsflagge (Imperial Navy War Ensign)
1892–1903 Reichskriegsflagge (War Ensign)
1903–1918 (1921) Reichskriegsflagge
1903–1918 Gösch (marine jack)

Imperial Family Standards[संपादन]

Flag Date Use Description
1871 Emperor William I's Standard
1871–1888 German Emperor's Standard
1888–1918 German Emperor's Standard
1871–1901 Empress Augusta and
Empress Frederick's Standard
1888–1918 Empress Augusta Viktoria's Standard
1871–1888 Standard of the Crown Prince
1888–1918 Standard of the Crown Prince

वाईमार प्रजासत्ताक (1919–1933)[संपादन]

Flag Date Use Description
1919–1933 National- und Handelsflagge (state and national flag)
1919–1933 Handelsflagge (merchant flag)
1921–1933 Handelsflagge (variant with cross)
1919-1921 Reichskriegsflagge (war flag)
1921–1933 Reichskriegsflagge
1921–1933 Gösch (marine jack)
1921–1926 Standard of the President
1926–1933 Standard of the President
1919–1921 Flag of Defence Minister
1921–1933 Flag of Defence Minister
1924–1933 Reichsbanner Schwarz-Rot-Gold (chapter Stockheim), unofficial paramilitary organization The Reichsbanner Schwarz-Rot-Gold was an unofficial republican paramilitary organization dominated by social democrats, liberals and members of the catholic center party, to defend the Weimar Republic against national socialists, communists and monarchists.

नाझी जर्मनी (1933–1945)[संपादन]

Flag Date Use Description
1935–1945 Nationalflagge und Handelsflagge (national and merchant flag) A red field with a white disk in the centre, with a black swastika or hakenkreuz at a 45 degree angle.
1933–1935 Nationalflagge und Handelsflagge
1933–1945 Banner of Germany Banners were of various lengths, which were hung vertically on public buildings.
1933–1935 Gösch (marine jack) and Reichskriegsflagge (war flag)
1935–1945 Gösch Similar to national flag, but with swastika and disc slightly off-center.
1935–1938 Reichskriegsflagge
1938–1945 Reichskriegsflagge
1933 Wehrmacht Service Flag
1933-1935 Reichsdienstflagge Reich Service Flag
1935, since Oct. 1935 Reichsdienstflagge Reich Service Flag
1933–1935 (de facto up to 1934) Standard of President
1935–1945 Standard of Adolf Hitler
1933–1935 Flag of the Minister of Defence
1935–1938 Flag of the Wehrmacht Commander in Chief (replaced the Minister of Defence)
1935–1945 Flag of the Schutzstaffel (SS)
1936–1945 Flag of the Ordnungspolizei (OrPo) ("Order Police", the national regular police organization of the Third Reich)

Allied Control Council (1945–1950)[संपादन]

Flag Date Use Description
1946–1949 ”C-Pennant” (provisional civil ensign)

DDR—पूर्व जर्मनी (1949–1990)[संपादन]

See: Flag of the German Democratic Republic

Flag Date Use Description
1949–1959 Staatsflagge (state flag)
1959–1990 Staatsflagge (state flag) 1959–1990 Handelsflagge (national flag) 1973–1990 Tricolor of black, red and yellow (same as West German colors), but bears the coat of arms of East Germany, consisting of a compass and a hammer encircled with rye.
1959–1973 Merchant flag
1959–1973 Flag of East German Post
1975–1990 Flag of East German Post
1955–1990 Standard of the President
1960–1990 Standard of President of State Council
Flag of Nationale Volksarmee
Truppenfahne (regimental colours of Nationale Volksarmee)
Naval Ensign
Flag of boats of border troops