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Can we also write words which have came from other languages and accepted/used as it is in marathi? e.g. बटाटा (came from पोर्तुगीज language)

translated words[संपादन]

It is ok to write these words here, but be aware that this content really belongs in मराठी विक्शनरी. Soon, this content may be moved to that site.

Be assured though, that when the transfer does happen, there will be enough notice and instructions to update that site.

अभय नातू 04:08, 19 फेब्रुवारी 2006 (UTC)

First apologies for not writing in Marathi. Second, I agree that the material here is not (yet) appropriate for Wikipedia but belongs to Wiktionary. However, an article could be made from this material . Maybe someone would be willing to write an article in English (or Hindi) about cognates between Marathi and other Indo-European languages, and then someone who know Marathi could translate it. Interlingua २३:५२, २० मार्च २००७ (UTC)

Reason you cited is why this page still exists here.

अभय नातू ०२:१६, २१ मार्च २००७ (UTC)