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741692983 2016-09-29T02:49:11Z 2602:302:D124:A0E0:3DE0:AC5F:889E:D70C
716933390 2016-04-24T20:00:59Z PrimeHunter move [[:Category:Date mathematics templates]] inside noinclude
716826116 2016-04-24T03:34:41Z Joseph A. Spadaro
567206180 2013-08-05T03:35:01Z Addbot [[User:addbot|Bot]]: Migrating interwiki links, now provided by [[Wikipedia:Wikidata|Wikidata]] on [[d:q14448328]]
456684566 2011-10-21T14:39:26Z Nanahuatl
407921305 2011-01-14T22:53:08Z
407921156 2011-01-14T22:52:08Z
407921036 2011-01-14T22:51:19Z
234807412 2008-08-28T16:23:38Z Cydebot Robot - Removing category Templates using ParserFunctions per [[WP:CFD|CFD]] at [[Wikipedia:Categories for discussion/Log/2008 Month 0]].
206783263 2008-04-19T23:19:09Z Seoidau Reverted 1 edit by [[Special:Contributions/|]]; Did this edit stop this template from working..?. ([[WP:TW|TW]])
196571503 2008-03-07T17:44:08Z
106151320 2007-02-06T21:44:12Z Cydebot Robot - Moving category Date math to Date mathematics templates per [[WP:CFD|CFD]] at [[Wikipedia:Categories for discussion/Log/2007 January 19]].
48692950 2006-04-16T11:53:31Z Ligulem added to [[category:Templates using ParserFunctions]]
48415413 2006-04-14T13:28:46Z Ed Poor convert to use Tim Starling's new #expr feature
43781682 2006-03-14T21:02:17Z Ed Poor [[category:date math]]
43779723 2006-03-14T20:48:35Z Ed Poor Trying to use pipe to pass parameter
43288620 2006-03-11T13:52:00Z Ed Poor eliminate PIPE
43288519 2006-03-11T13:50:54Z Ed Poor uses the proposed [[template:minus]] series