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WPBannerMeta incorporates a number of 'hooks', where advanced or customised features can be added. These should take the form of a subtemplate passed to the relevant hook parameter. Any relevant parameters should then be passed to the hook templateसाचा:Mdash it may be necessary to repeat parameters that are already passed to the main template (eg: |category={{{category|¬}}} and |class={{{class|}}} are commonly used). If you write a hook that you think other projects could use, please copy or move it to a subpage here and add it to the list below. All hooks that are subpages of this page should be fully protected.

Writing a hook[संपादन]

Hooks should be carefully designed to mimic the meta-functionality of the WPBannerMeta template, particularly with things like category opt-out and case-insensitive class filtering; and for ease of maintenance, the parameters should be similarly named to WPBannerMeta's default parameters.

Available hook parameters[संपादन]

  • |HOOK_ASSESS= – between the code for quality and importance assessments. (See also: /priorityscale)
  • |HOOK_BOTTOM= – just below the comments display, adjacent to |BOTTOM_TEXT=. Please use this hook rather than the |BOTTOM_TEXT= parameter, for adding extra functionality to the bottom of the template.
  • |HOOK_NOTE= – after the last note code (above the comment display).
  • |HOOK_COLLAPSED= – added to the 'counter' that counts the number of notes that have been triggered on a page, to prompt the collapsible box. Accepts either
    • any valid input to the #expr: ParserFunction.
    • "auto", which automatically sets to 1 if HOOK_NOTE is non-empty and 0 otherwise. This is the default setting and is suitable if HOOK_NOTE will not normally produce more than one row of output.
  • |HOOK_IMPORTANCE= - between the importance assessment and the autoassess notice.
  • |HOOK_NESTED= – after the taskforce list that is displayed when the banner is nested within a {{WikiProjectBannerShell}}.
  • |HOOK_TF= – after the taskforce code (just above the code for |attention=).

Existing hooks[संपादन]

  • /aclass - enables an A-Class review process to be integrated into the banner.
  • /customimportance - enables custom importance scales to be used (e.g. ones which include Bottom- or No-importance).
  • /cats – add categories based on parameters with proper optout, case insensitivity, etc.
  • /collaboration – enables integration of project collaboration into the banner.
  • /collapsed – enables adding another collapsed section.
  • /nocommentscat - enables categorisation when the article doesn't have any notes.
  • /notecounter - allows notes, etc. added in HOOK_NOTE to contribute towards the counter that triggers the notes being collapsed.
  • /notes – provides five additional notes. Hooks to |HOOK_NOTE=.
  • /peerreview - enables peer review functions.
  • /priorityscale - use "marked as top-priority" rather than "top-importance"
  • /taskforces – provides ten additional taskforces (hooks to |HOOK_TF=).
  • /tfnested – nested summaries for ten additional taskforces. Works with /taskforces above. Hooks to |HOOK_NESTED=.
  • /qualimpintersect - allows for quality and importance category intersection.
  • /qualitycats - enables categorisation with an additional quality scale.
  • /todolist - allows for easy adding of a project wide to-do list (hooks to |HOOK_BOTTOM=).