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744024318 2016-10-12T17:26:44Z Anomie Undid revision 743838147 by [[Special:Contributions/AlvaroMolina|AlvaroMolina]] ([[User talk:AlvaroMolina|talk]]) - That edit violates the license of the image. Most images that can be used without a link are CC0 or public domain.
743838147 2016-10-11T15:15:37Z AlvaroMolina Fix
632517623 2014-11-05T05:08:07Z 117Avenue Undid revision 632465697 by [[Special:Contributions/Waldir|Waldir]] ([[User talk:Waldir|talk]]), who measures time in months and weeks?
632465697 2014-11-04T20:41:55Z Waldyrious use more complete age calculation template (include weeks)
599965530 2014-03-17T04:57:15Z 117Avenue fix
599965506 2014-03-17T04:56:55Z 117Avenue bypass redirect
597473495 2014-02-28T03:28:00Z 117Avenue serial comma is now opt in
597073459 2014-02-25T14:40:25Z Enterprisey Using user rights templates
555570480 2013-05-17T21:23:03Z Addbot [[User:Addbot|Bot:]] Migrating 1 interwiki links, now provided by [[Wikipedia:Wikidata|Wikidata]] on [[d:q8085471]]
546645081 2013-03-24T01:00:01Z Addbot [[User:Addbot|Bot:]] Migrating 1 interwiki links, now provided by [[Wikipedia:Wikidata|Wikidata]] on [[d:q8085471]]
546498400 2013-03-23T08:36:31Z Irfanshaharuddin Adding an interwiki
472354957 2012-01-21T00:57:56Z ANGELUS
462267177 2011-11-24T14:56:09Z ANGELUS
452092575 2011-09-23T21:26:59Z Waldyrious document RFA parameter
441081493 2011-07-23T23:13:58Z RL0919 replace self-referential link in See also to link to a similar template
438242419 2011-07-07T14:08:35Z Lowellian fix syntax
438242318 2011-07-07T14:07:49Z Lowellian
438242097 2011-07-07T14:06:10Z Lowellian avoid redirs
438241633 2011-07-07T14:02:32Z Lowellian moved [[User:EVula/Userboxes/admin since]] to [[Template:User admin since]]: into main template namespace for community-wide usage/editing after discussion on [[User talk:EVula]]
370639201 2010-06-28T18:10:34Z Prodego Undid revision 370196576 by [[Special:Contributions/Prodego|Prodego]] ([[User talk:Prodego|talk]]) - png is now updated and smaller size
370196576 2010-06-26T03:38:06Z Prodego png -> svg
316917121 2009-09-29T16:59:33Z Ms2ger Convert to {{Userbox}}
312303546 2009-09-07T03:35:12Z Jclemens +RFA link
250447974 2008-11-08T15:14:58Z Nsaa /* See also */ * {{tlu|User:Nsaa/Userboxes/OTRS user since}}
248853216 2008-10-31T17:40:01Z Amicon Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/Die Steinreiche Erbin|Die Steinreiche Erbin]] ([[User talk:Die Steinreiche Erbin|talk]]) to last version by Nsaa
248848697 2008-10-31T17:14:22Z Die Steinreiche Erbin Looks prettier with a slightly larger line height
242358298 2008-10-01T22:36:39Z Nsaa Reverted 1 edit by [[Special:Contributions/Jeremy Chaudoin|Jeremy Chaudoin]]. ([[WP:TW|TW]])
242349047 2008-10-01T21:54:19Z Jeremy Chaudoin [[WP:AES|←]]Blanked the page
237160249 2008-09-08T22:48:02Z Nsaa === See also === * {{tl|User Wikipedian For}} * {{tlu|User:EVula/Userboxes/admin since}} * {{tlu|User:EVula/Userboxes/admin somewhere since}} * {{tlu|User:EVula/Userboxes/bureaucrat since}} * {{tlu|Us
237156897 2008-09-08T22:28:11Z Nsaa Replace logic with {{For year month day|year={{{year|2005}}}|month={{{month|12}}}|day={{{day|31}}} }} so it's handled one place
194764972 2008-02-28T22:52:42Z Nsaa [[:no:Bruker:Nsaa/brukerbokser/admin_siden]]
153130027 2007-08-23T11:06:42Z Deskana [[Category:Date mathematics templates]]
152745895 2007-08-21T18:50:15Z EVula adding Checkuser box
140528399 2007-06-25T14:38:55Z EVula linking to [[User:EVula/Userboxes/bureaucrat since]]
135863381 2007-06-04T19:54:48Z EVula adding category
135861833 2007-06-04T19:48:32Z EVula correcting float
135860994 2007-06-04T19:45:11Z EVula pffft, green is *totally* cooler than purple
135854978 2007-06-04T19:20:09Z EVula more customizing
135854284 2007-06-04T19:17:09Z EVula creating userbox based on [[Template:User Wikipedian For]]