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हे एक साचेचे उधारण आहे. साचेचे मदतीकरिता, पहा m:Help:Template.
हे फक्त एक "संदेश" देणारे साचा आहे.

Template example row. This template is used inside tables to demonstrate other templates. The borders here are not part of the template. It's similar to {{tlrow}} but doesn't include the extra links. It also handles empty parameters slightly different for the first column ("what to type" part) and the second column (result) can be overridden with |example= to do perform the template directly in case it doesn't work correctly.

The following compares {{tlrow}} and {{txrow}} with and without using the example parameter. They are demonstrating {{tlf}} and {{tle}}, templates where empty parameters are not ignored. Only the last two rows display correctly.

{| class="wikitable"
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