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विकिपीडिया, मुक्‍त ज्ञानकोशातून
क्र. शीर्षक अवधी
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या लेखाचा/विभागाचा सध्याचा मजकूर पुढील परभाषेत आहे : इंग्रजी भाषेतून मराठी भाषेत अनुवाद करण्यास आपला सहयोग हवा आहे. ऑनलाइन शब्दकोश आणि इतर साहाय्यासाठी भाषांतर प्रकल्पास भेट द्या.

Information icon.svg या साच्यात काही कठीण किंवा अवघड भाग आहेत.
यात कोणताही बदल करण्यापूर्वी, याची माहिती काळजीपूर्वक वाचा. हा साचा बर्‍याच लेखात वापरला जात आहे. तुम्ही केलेल्या बदलांमुळे अनपेक्षित समस्या उद्भवल्यास, कृपया, आपले बदल त्वरीत काढून टाकावेत.
तुम्ही या साच्यावर प्रयोग करून पाहू शकता परंतु, तुमचे प्रयोग जतन करण्याआधी ते जरुर तपासावेत. ते प्रयोग , धूळपाटी साचा‎ या पानांवर किंवा, तुमच्या सदस्य पानावर करून बघितल्यास विकिपीडियामधील पानांवर उत्पात होणार नाही.





पॅरामीटर वर्णन
|collapsed= Include this parameter with the value yes (|collapsed=yes) to have the track listing table start out collapsed. Useful for very long lists or pages with several lists. This parameter only takes effect in JavaScript-enabled browsers.
|headline= An optional headline, to denote sides/disc numbers of an album (e.g., Side A, Disc 3, etc.) or in case of some works, special groups or cycles of songs. The default font-weight of the headline is bold. The {{nobold}} template can be used to have part or all of the headline appear in the normal font-weight. The headline "Track listing" (without the quotes) is added by default. Use the headline option to replace that text where needed.
|extra_column= Used to both enable and set the header for an additional column to hold per-track information. If this option is not used, no extra column will be shown. Use sparingly, in order to keep the overall column count to a minimum and if the respective type of data is not available for most tracks consider using the note fields instead. Some suggested headers: Artist (compilations), Original artist (cover albums), Producer(s), Remixer(s) (remix albums).
|total_length= Used to display the total length of the record at the bottom of the list. Not necessary in most cases (as that information will usually be covered by an infobox), but useful in some (e.g., releases with a lot of individual discs).
Used to display general songwriting credits for the entire record in a note above the track listing. If all_writing is supplied, the other two parameters are ignored.
|writing_credits= Include this parameter with the value yes (i.e., |writing_credits=yes) to turn on a column for track-specific songwriting credits. Avoid redundancy, if all or most songs on a record were written by the same person(s), consider using the all_writing option and note fields for exceptions. Note that the writing_credits option disables the lyrics_credits and music_credits options.
Include these parameters with the value yes (i.e. |lyrics_credits=yes) to turn on columns for track-specific lyrics and music credits. Avoid redundancy, if the lyrics or music of most songs on a record can be attributed to the same person(s), consider using the all_lyrics and all_music options respectively, along with note fields for exceptions. Note that the writing_credits option disables the lyrics_credits and music_credits options.
|titlen= (i.e., title1, title2, etc.) The title of the respective track. Note that a track listing does not have to start with a #1 or continue with 1, 2, 3... order (e.g., for having side B of an LP start at track six or leaving out empty tracks preceding a bonus track). Track names are automatically put into quotes, unless the field is left empty, in which case the track name will display as Untitled (without quotes). This is used for when no title is given to a track in any form on the album or media that is officially related to the album.
|noten= (i.e., note1, note2, etc.) An optional note to be displayed in parentheses behind the title. Useful for original titles in other languages/scripts (e.g., kanji) or to denote bonus tracks only included in certain editions. Keep notes short. Excessive commentary disrupts the flow of the track listing, which should be easily scannable.
(i.e., writer1, writer2, etc.) Use to denote the writer(s) of the track in general or of the lyrics or music individually. Remember to turn on the desired columns with the parameters ending with _credits (see above) and avoid redundancy where possible.
|extran= (i.e., extra1, extra2, etc.) Holds the content of the user-set column for the respective track (see extra_column).
|lengthn= (i.e., length1, length2, etc.) The length of the track in a m:ss formatting (or mm:ss or even h:mm:ss if particularly long tracks occur). For example: 4:35


सैराट चित्रपटाची गाणी[संपादन]

क्र. शीर्षक गीतकार गायक अवधी
१. "याड लागलं"   अजय - अतुल अजय गोगावले ०५:१४
२. "आत्ताच बया का बावरलं"   अजय - अतुल श्रेया घोषाल ०५:३४
३. "सैराट झालं जी"   अजय - अतुल, नागराज मंजुळे चिन्मया श्रीपदा, अजय गोगावले ०६:०९
४. "झिंगाट"   अजय - अतुल अजय - अतुल ०३:४६
एकूण अवधी:

Smile by L'Arc-en-Ciel[संपादन]

Individual per-track credits for music and lyrics, original song titles in the notes field:

क्र. शीर्षक गीतकार संगीतकार अवधी
१. "Kiss" (साचा:Nihongo2 Kuchizuke) Hyde Ken 4:25
२. "Ready Steady Go"   Hyde Tetsu 3:45
३. "Lover Boy"   Ken Ken 4:45
४. "Feeling Fine"   Hyde Ken 4:17
५. "Time Goes On"   Tetsu Tetsu 4:44
६. "Coming Closer"   Hyde Ken 5:14
७. "Forever" (साचा:Nihongo2 Eien) Hyde Hyde 4:39
८. "Revelation"   Hyde Yukihiro 3:18
९. "Living in Your Eyes" (साचा:Nihongo2 Hitomi no Jyūnin) Hyde Tetsu 5:55
१०. "Spirit Dreams Inside -Another Dream-"   Hyde Hyde 3:47
११. "Ready Steady Go (Hydeless Version)" (US release only) Hyde Tetsu 3:47

Yeah! by Def Leppard[संपादन]

Using the extra_column option to denote each song's original artist.

क्र. शीर्षक लेखक Original artist अवधी
१. "20th Century Boy"   Marc Bolan T. Rex 3:41
२. "Rock On"   David Essex David Essex 2:53
३. "Hanging on the Telephone"   Jack Lee The Nerves 2:23
४. "Waterloo Sunset"   Ray Davies The Kinks 3:38
५. "Hell Raiser"   Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn Sweet 3:20
६. "10538 Overture"   Jeff Lynne Electric Light Orchestra 4:31
७. "Street Life"   Bryan Ferry Roxy Music 3:26
८. "Drive-In Saturday"   David Bowie David Bowie 4:07
९. "Little Bit of Love"   Paul Rodgers, Paul Kossoff, Andy Fraser, Simon Kirke Free 2:34
१०. "The Golden Age of Rock 'n' Roll"   Ian Hunter Mott the Hoople 3:28
११. "No Matter What"   Pete Ham Badfinger 2:57
१२. "He's Gonna Step on You Again"   John Kongos, Christos Demetriou John Kongos 4:05
१३. "Don't Believe a Word"   Phil Lynott Thin Lizzy 2:19
१४. "Stay with Me"   Rod Stewart, Ronnie Wood Faces 4:30


For editing convenience, here are presets for the various possible track listing configurations. While not all presets are that long, the template supports up to 120 tracks in any configuration. Before saving a track listing created with one of these, consider to remove fields that are likely to remain empty in the foreseeable future.

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