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हे कागदपत्र पान जे साचा:Template doc page transcluded या पानावरून घेण्यात आला आहे.
जर ते सरळ निर्देशित केले, तर बरेच संकेतस्थळे व्यवस्थित चालणार नाहीत, कृपया त्यास बदलू नये.


<includeonly>{{Template doc page transcluded}}</includeonly>
or <includeonly>{{Template doc page transcluded|pagename}}</includeonly>

Place at the top of a template documentation page (usually a "Template:Template name/doc" page) that is transcluded on the template's own page (Template:Template name). If the documentation page is not named "doc" and/or its transclusion is via another subpage (e.g. "Template:Template name/example"), use the second form of syntax above and replace pagename accordingly (i. e. with "example"; it is always supposed that the documentation is on a subpage of the template page.

Test cases[संपादन]

If subpages named /sandbox and /testcases exist, this template generates links to them. See Wikipedia:Template test cases for more detail.

See also[संपादन]