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{{{author}}} "[{{{url}}} {{{title}}}]". [[w:{{{pub}}}|{{{pub}}}]], {{{date}}}

See Wikinews:Style guide for more information on citing your sources.


    |title=Las Vegas hosts digital nirvana 
    |author=Alf Hermida 
    |pub=BBC News Online 
    |date=January 3, 2006}} 
  • If you cannot find the author of a source, leave that field blank (keep the source= but don't put anything after the equals sign)
  • Please put in a (2nd level) section labeled Sources (==Sources==)
  • Format date as shown above
  • Always try to cite multiple sources
  • Category:Citation templates lists templates for offline news sources

Resulting article

Some story

मे २६, २०२२

Story, blah foo bar, Baz Fred.


you should always cite more then one source.