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See also[संपादन]

{{वर्ग पहा}} is used for small sets of see also (list of other categories) for information in the end of text on category pages or talk pages, etc. साचा:Catmore (संपादन चर्चा दुवे इतिहास) "The main article for this category is..."

साचा:Details (संपादन चर्चा दुवे इतिहास)

-- e.g. - {{Details|A|B|C}} -->
B अधिक माहिती साठी पहा A.

साचा:Details2 (संपादन चर्चा दुवे इतिहास) as above but for when articles end in a full stop
साचा:Details3 (संपादन चर्चा दुवे इतिहास) as above but for more than one article
साचा:Further (संपादन चर्चा दुवे इतिहास)

-- e.g. - {{Further|A|B|C}} --> साचा:Further

साचा:मुख्य (संपादन चर्चा दुवे इतिहास), to use when you have more than one main article.

-- e.g. - {{main|A|B|C}} -->
मुख्य पाने: A, B, व C

साचा:MainBold (संपादन चर्चा दुवे इतिहास), to use when you have more than one main article, primarily for use in category text, not Wikipedia साचा:NAMCON compliant inside articles.

-- e.g. - {{mainBold|A|B|C}} --> साचा:MainBold

साचा:Mainlist (संपादन चर्चा दुवे इतिहास) "For a more comprehensive list, see..."
{{See}} (deprecated - use {{Further}})

-- e.g. - {{See|A|B|C}} -->
Further information: A,  B,  C

साचा:See also (संपादन चर्चा दुवे इतिहास) — Article version of this template (Has technical problem with specifying ':Category' spelt out, and this is far more convenient, as you need never spell it out at all!


This template is called from the documentation of a section template to show all the alternatives so that one can know which template is right for the use they want. It thus allows all of the choices to be listed in one place. Add the names of new templates to this list.