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This template allows a navigational template to be set up quickly by supplying it one or more lists of links.


{{Navbox generic
| name  = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
| title =
| style =
| color =
| state =
| group1 =
|  list1 =
| group2 =
|  list2 =
| group3 =
|  list3 =
| group20=
|  list20=



name (or templateName)
The name of the template, which is needed for the "view · talk · edit" links to work properly on all of the pages where the template is used on. You can enter {{subst:PAGENAME}} for this value as a shortcut.
Text that appears centered in the titlebar (the top bar). Usually this is the template's topic, i.e. a succinct description of the body contents.


Specifies CSS values to apply to the template. For instance: text-align: (right|center|left|justified); width: (em, %, px, auto); float: (left|right|none); clear: (right|left|both|none); margin:...etc. This option should be used sparingly as it can lead to visual inconsistencies.
Header color. Default is #ccf. Use of this parameter is discouraged. Where it is used, care and consensus are needed as multiple navigational templates on one page with different titlebar colors will probably look unpleasant.
Defaults to autocollapse. If set to collapsed, the navbox will always start out in a collapsed state. If set to blank or anything other than autocollapse or collapsed, the navbox will always start out in an expanded state. A navbox with autocollapse will start out collapsed if there are 2 or more tables on the same page that use collapsible. For the technically minded, see MediaWiki:Common.js.
Specifies the header for the following list. If omitted, the list will expand to the full width of the navbox.
The material contained by the cell, usually a list of links. Format is inline.



{{Navbox generic
|name   = {{subst:{{PAGENAME}}}}
|title  = [[Wikipedia:Navigational templates|Navigational Templates]]
|style  = width:50%; text-align:left;
|group1 = Physics
|list1  = [[Template:Cosmology|Cosmology]]{{·}} [[Template:General relativity|Relativity]]{{·}} [[Template:Quantum-theory|Quantum theory]]{{·}} [[Template:String-theory|String theory]]
|group2 = Continents
|list2  = [[Template:Continents of the world|World continents]]{{·}} [[Template:Africafooter|Africa]]{{·}} [[Template:Asiafooter|Asia]]{{·}} [[Template:Europefooter|Europe]]
|list3  = [[Template:National parks of Argentina|Argentinian National Parks]]


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मार्गक्रमण साच्यांची तुलना
मिटणारा हेडर रंग चित्र गट Style (body)
{{Navbox}} मिटणारा navbox Left/right of body होय होय {{आफ्रिकेतील देश}} · {{ऑलिंपिक}}
{{Navbox with collapsible groups}} मिटणारा navbox Left/right of body and/or in each list होय होय {{हिंदुस्तानी संगीत}}
{{Navbox with columns}} मिटणारा navbox Left/right of columns नाही होय {{आसिआन}} · {{फॉर्म्युला वन संघ}}
{{NavboxYears}} मिटणारा navbox नाही नाही नाही {{फ्रेंच ओपन स्पर्धा}}

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